Album Review : SOiL – Whole

PromoImageNot only 2013 marks the return of SOiL with a brand new studio effort but above all the effective return of Ryan McCombs on the vocal duties since “” (2004), after a little passing through Drowning Pool. A great occasion for the band to restore and confirm  their former glory.

Kicking off with a well driven Loaded Gun, SOiL seem to be back solid. No need for an introduction, things are getting serious since the beginning with provocative guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum beats, all orchestrated by McCombs’ powerful, intimidating voice that visibly takes a moment to get square with some lucky individuals (“I wrote this love song to let you know I hate you”).

But what strikes the attention first while listening to this album is that it’s clearly designed to be played live. Indeed there are some quick repetitive rhythms and catchy choruses that can only lead to head banging and singing along, which is quite a positive thing for a record of this genre, if you ask me. Because it shows that there’s something lively, something that is here to be shared.

Without being highly innovative, SOiL provide with “Whole” some quality heavy music that will quickly stick to your brain, which isn’t something necessarily visible (audible?) when listening to the first single taken from this album (Shine On) as it’s not the best representation to the whole record. But it has probably been chosen for its lyrical content…

Overall, Whole sounds more like an earlier SOiL release. To those of you who like comparisons, let’s say it could have been a great, logical follow up to “Scars”. However, it’s not the case and after what a lot of people qualified as a slump, SOiL are back with something familiar to all time fans but fresher at the same time. This has probably something to do with the various interesting contributions from notable artists (Staind‘s Mike Mushok makes a cool instrumental appearance on the song Wake Up for example) and also McCombs’ diversified background.


Plug-In’s favorite tracks : Psychopath, Loaded Gun, My Time
For fans of : Sevendust, Static-X, Disturbed

Artist : SOiL
Album : Whole
Released : 20/08/2013 – AFM Records / Pavement Entertainment 


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