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Spotlight #12 : Introducing Of Allies


This isn’t exactly an introduction from us, as we have already told you about this band a couple (or more) times here. However, if you’ve never heard of Of Allies, it’s time for you to give these guys closer attention.

Hailing from Yorkshire in the UK, Of Allies are an alternative rock quartet that has already done sweet things in its short existence. Having released two EPs in around a year, including a very promising debut ‘Tempers’, we were quite ooking forward to hear what was coming next, expecting and hoping for more depth and boldness. Hopefully, ‘Fragments’ was released a few weeks ago and it didn’t disappont! Of Allies have definitely taken their sound one step further, diving into something deeper but also darker. The great thing about his band is that they’re not going everywhere with their music, which is a trap that many young and debuting acts fall into. Of Allies seem to have identified the spot they are heading towards and are now cleaverly making their way to it. Although it isn’t all perfect and clear, Of Allies seem to be on the right path, which makes them interesting and even exciting.

If you’re a fan of anthemic guitar bands, that hold this typically british ‘Je-ne-sais-quoi’, specific to our fellows across the Channel, then you’re in for a treat with Of Allies.


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