As It Is – This Mind Of Mine (EP Review)

 Pop Punk aAS IT IS - THIS MIND OF MINE Packshotnd dual vocals are two things that go well, that is a known fact. And the British 4 piece As It Is is no exception. After a self released debut last year, the band are back with another “DIY” release, the handcrafted and fan-funded EP ‘This Mind Of Mine’. Angst and insecurities are recurring themes on this EP,like in most pop punk releases, but at times, the lyrics will especially remind us of The Wonder Years, and that is not a bad a thing at all. As It Is manage to have their own sound while using pop punk classics, which is anything but a weakness.

While ‘This Mind Of Mine’ has surely pleased the band’s already conquered fanbase, it is also great to win new people over, and so far, it seems to be working very well. That is indubitably due to the diversity the band succeed to show in just four tracks ; the fast power side, but also the slower, more heartfelt side with closing track Relive The Story.

Pop punk is very often associated with stupid lyrics about a girl and useless gang vocals, and it has been said that you couldn’t be British and make Pop punk if you were not Neck Deep. As It Is manages to prove all of that wrong once again.

And it is with confidence that we say As It Is have a great year ahead of them.

• ‘This Mind Of Mine’ was released on March 17th, 2014 – 


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