Started from the bottom (of Emo) now we’re here – No Devotion, Lostprophets, Thursday, and everything in between

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.11.35Lately, one question has been on everybody’s lips — IS EMO DEAD ? With bands we all loved in the 2000’s either splitting or putting out new releases that went further and further from their old sound, it is legitimate to wonder if our beloved genre is gone for good.

The answer is yes, Emo as we knew it IS dead as a genre. But as depressing as that may sound, it’s also very promising ; we get to witness the birth of a whole new kind of Emo scene right now, and No Devotion might just be the poster band for that. Their case is even more interesting because at the very core of this band are two bands— people— that participated to build what the 2000’s Emo/Alternative scene looked like ; Geoff Rickly from the stellar Thursday, who produced a then-small band’s debut— that band was only My Chemical Romance, no biggie— and the amazing musicians from Lostprophets, arguably the forefathers of the 2000’s UK Rock scene.

When it came out that No Devotion would be a thing, everyone asked themselves one big question : what would they sound like ? Would they sound heavy like Lostprophets’ first releases ? Would they sound like the band’s last— and arguably half-hearted effort Weapons ? Of course the smartest answer was they’d sound like No Devotion and only No Devotion, but one question still remained, ‘How are Thursday and Lostprophets going to manage to make a musical baby?” and it was asking the wrong question. This band was never meant to be a mix of the two and it never will be because at its very core is the need to be born again, to start anew from traumatic events, and they’ve managed to do that beautifully in the year and a bit they’ve officially existed for the world to hear. So, yes, some people who were hoping to find the old sound from both original bands will be disappointed, but No Devotion‘s story teaches us an important lesson we all need to remember : nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything transforms itself.


No Devotion‘s debut album ‘PERMANENCE’ is out September 25th via Collect Records.

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