2016 needs to be the year we stop gendering music

Marmozets © Christophe Soulas // www.plugin-mag.com
Marmozets © Christophe Soulas // www.plugin-mag.com

So, it’s no secret that French people like to complain. A lot. I’m one of these people. But when you add the fact that they like hardcore/metal/youknowwhatImean, they often become the worst music snobs the world of music snobs has every seen. One could argue that this article is also complaining and they wouldn’t be completely wrong,  but it’s for a good reason : WE NEED TO STOP GENDERING MUSIC GENRES. Well, we need to stop gendering everything, period, but that’s already on the way, and one particular event triggered the fact that you’re reading this ; this morning, a festival line up was announced, it wasn’t what people expected, they complained on social media. Now, that’s a very common phenomenon, it happens almost every time anyone announces anything.

You can never make everyone happy, but why this fired me up so much is one particular kind of annoying complaining ; quickly after people realised a festival where they expected a hardcore/metal/yougetwhatgenreImeanhere band had a pop punk band headlining instead, they started complaining that the venue would be full of, and I quote (well, translated from French, but whatever) “little girls and emos“, and my personal favourite which seems to have been deleted since, “what’s really funny is only girls are defending Simple Plan (the infamous headliner) “. Also, all the typical “this is for 14 year olds“, comments. In the grand scheme of things, this won’t stop me or anyone from sleeping at night, but it felt like a few important things needed to be said :

  1. Softer Pop Punk has never been “just for girls”. To say otherwise is sexist, wether or not you want to admit it, everyone knows it’s said in a derogatory way. And furthermore, would it be so bad if it was really just for girls ? Why can’t young girls enjoy anything? What’s your problem?
  2. This one’s for you, French complainers : the definition of a festival is different genres and different artists in one place, and you might be really shocked, but there’s this tiny little event known as Groezrock, with hardcore and pop punk on the same line up, or this even tinier gathering called Slam Dunk. They happen every year, unite loads of people who like different things, and it works. Yep. I promise you.
  3. Watching one Pop Punk band share the same stage as your beloved hardcore/metal/whatevertoomanysubgenres bands won’t make you gay. Take my word for it, you’ll still be a tough music snob.

So no, people probably won’t ever stop complaining because that’s human nature, but for the love of all that is holy, if you’re going to criticise something, you can do it without being sexist. It’s not that hard.

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I want to be a journalist when I become an adult. When I’m not listening to sad bands or ranting about feminism, I do embroidery and watch Parks And Recreation.

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