EP Review : The Story So Far – Songs Of

PromoImageAs we’ve already stated –and you’ve probably noticed it yourself – emo(ish) pop-punk is back in full force at the moment and it seems like 2014 is all about it. While the genre remains particularly popular in the USA, it’s gradually making a new mark here in our shores, which isn’t unpleasant. The Story So Far is a figurehead in the genre and the band has just dropped a brand new EP, ‘Songs Of’.

Following up two successful full-length albums and several tours supporting it across the world, this eclectic EP caught our attention.

It is five songs length including 2 acoustics from What You Don’t See, a Bob Marley cover song and two brand new tracks. If the general pace of this EP is rather slow comparing to The Story So Far’s usual work, the band’s main spirit is still here with their catchy choruses and strong emotional print, reminiscent of the now emblematic Clairvoyant (see split EP with STYG).

The Californians made a smart choice of putting Navy Blue as a lead single as it is probably the strongest track off the record with heartfelt lyrics that Parker Cannon interprets brilliantly, in a way that’ll stick in your heads for a long time.
All Wrong and Bad Luck are the already existing songs that The Story So Far have decided to present acoustically. It’s live recorded, which give it a fresh restart.

But what’s most surprising in the EP is probably the cover song that left us skeptical in the first place. While Bob Marley isn’t really the easiest thing to transpose in a pop punk vein, the band remained faithful to the artist’s original spirit, but keeping their The Story So Far print at the same time, which makes successful. ‘Songs Of’ is an EP that will certainly please every The Story So Far fan and even can help them gain new ones. Navy Blue and Waiting in Vain appear as highlights, probably because they are also the most surprising tracks. This EP deserves way more than a single listen!


The Story So Far – ‘Songs Of’,
out on 16.06.2014 via Pure Noise Records

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