The Grass Ain’t Greener on the Other Side – Support Your Locals #4

© Gaëlle Pitrel

Sometimes, there’s no need to go far to find what you need in music. Look around, sunshine, here are a few bands near you that are currently doing great things!

Solitaris – Deviance

These guys from Paris had a few things to unfold this summer, including this brand new track, Deviance. In a music landscape that’s already overwhelming, Solitaris show that they are worth your time and we’re curious to see what they have in stock for us. Playing more and more shows over time, we believe they will have good things to offer in a near future. Keep an eye on Solitaris, if you’re into heavy, heavy stuff. Bonus info: Solitaris have taken advantage of the slow summer to add their music to the major streaming platforms, so yay, unlimited Deviance!


Resolve release the ‘Stripped Down Sessions’ EP

It’s no secret that we do enjoy most of the things Resolve do and we particularly enjoy surprises, especially when they’re good. Earlier in the summer, Resolve left us in awe with the above rendition of Foo FightersBest of You. What we didn’t see coming was the ‘Stripped Down Sessions’ EP that came out later, which includes this cover, plus 3 re-imagined songs from Resolve‘s debut EP ‘Reverie’. Listen to it if you still haven’t, because you’re in for a treat!


LANDMVRKS – New album ‘Fantasy’ is around the corner

Landmvrks are one of the strongest metalcore bands in France right now and certainly a force to be reckoned with. They are currently gearing up to release their upcoming album ‘Fantasy’, due on November 2nd, through Arising Empire. Blistering is one of the 3 singles taken off the new album that the band has shared, so far.


Affidavit – The Truth

Affidavit came a long way since they initiated this project, but at least the Parisian rock scene can boast about counting a new quality member to its family. The music is catchy and easy to get into, but sometimes, its unconventional form makes it unsettling, in a positive way. In fact, we’re always up for the unexpected. Also, we’re taking advantage of this little round up to remind you that Affidavit have released a single earlier this year, which is available on all platforms. Happy listening!


Strains release new single Legacy

With their new single, Legacy, Strains are slowly but surely paving the way to a new era of Metal/hardcore goodness in Europe and Belgium especially. Stay tuned.


HEAVY HEART have released one of the coolest punk albums this fall

HEAVY HEART‘s new album ‘Love Against Capture’ was released a couple weeks ago and it has somehow warmed our hearts, helping us feel less empty. You can watch this music video of Magic Life, which has been directed by Francesco Brown, with images from Serguei Eisenstein’s “Strike” (1925)


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