GROEZROCK 2019 — Full update

It's REAL, Groezrock festival is back this year, after taking a year off to refurbish and keep the party going longer and stronger. After a little indoor gathering, which turned out to be a really cool punk party last fall, let's see what Groezrock is cooking for us, for its

Groezrock completes 2017 line up

Now that we reached the spring, festival season is almost there! Our annual kick off takes place in the town of Meerhout and 2017 will be no exception! In case you missed it, there's a whole new batch of names that have recently been added to the line up, completing

Get stoked : Groezrock is getting bigger and better

So today is the first day of spring and we don’t know about you but, spring for us means…Groezrock. Right? Right. What sort of treats do we have this year then? Quite a few. With each year passing by, it just keeps bigger and better. For its 25th birthday, a special comeback from