The Charm The Fury : Album Release Show – Mechelen (Belgian date / 29.09.2013)

1237890_691866520842284_472359508_nKamikaze Club, Mechelen – 29.09.2013

Tonight’s the Belgian album release show of The Charm The Fury and in this occasion, they brought with them some quality guests in ParkerSet Things Right and Heart Of A Coward. The bill was quite varied and interesting but also a great reminder that the european music scene is very rich and deserves a lot more recognition and attention.

From Belgium and opening the stage a (very) young band called Parker. Coming from the ashes of various older local acts, it’s an experienced group of musicians that present their work tonight. Having already heard a lot of positive things about Parker, we were curious to discover them on stage and they didn’t let us down. The band has an interesting take on post-hardcore and has already something of its own, with a path ready to slowly building identity.

The other locals tonight are Set Things Right. Although this was The Charm The Fury‘s album release show, this evening was also a special one for Set Things Right as this was their frontman Tom Welslau’s farewell show. People in the audience were clearly here to show their support and offered both a fair goodbye to Tom and a warm welcome to Michael Liekens, who also played most of the songs. Set Things Right outdid themselves with a quality show, showing off a lot of progress since the first time we saw them over a year ago. We’re always glad to witness such potential in the local Belgian scene that has definitely nothing to envy to the rest of the world if it’s not even more support. Set Things Right have probably great things ahead of them and we cannot wait to see what’s coming next!

Now from the UK, Milton Keynes’ metallers Heart Of A Coward that we were looking forward to discovering live. Slightly different from the rest of the bill with their heavyweight metal trademark, the band delivered a heavy, highly energetic performance even though the audience was rather calm. But this took off nothing from their crazy performance that has still awoken some fans especially during songs like Deadweight and We Stand As One, thanks to an excellent stage presence and a charismatic frontman. Heart Of A Coward are that kind of band that we hope to see very soon on bigger stages over here (summer festivals maybe?).

But let’s not forget that we were here to celebrate The Charm The Fury‘s debut album release for ‘A Shade Of My Former Self’. Having only released it a week ago, the Dutch outfit presented these brand new songs live for the first time in Belgium through a brilliant performance. For a band that we’ve been following since their beginnings, it’s safe to say that tonight’s performance is on another level. This is obviously a more mature and experienced band that is here to defend the product of their hard work and dedication. The Charm The Fury have obviously made a spectacular progress over the past year, both musically and lyrically but also in terms of stagecraft. Having just signed a record deal with Listenable Records and Pavement Entertainment for a worldwide release of their album, The Charm The Fury have now new doors opening to them, which is absolutely well deserved.

Overall this was a great musical evening that was well worth the trip for us and we are happy and proud to know that there’s such a talented and dedicated hardcore scene in the area. We can only wish those artists the best of luck for the future and of course to reach other shores and broaden their horizons. We should all show them our support!

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