Album Review : The Charm The Fury – A Shade Of My Former Self

PromoImageThe Charm The Fury are one of those hard-working bands that are able to make impressive progress quickly. Indeed, a little bit more than a year after the release of their debut EP ‘The Social Meltdown’, this Dutch five piece is getting ready for the release of their debut full-length called ‘A Shade Of My Former Self’. In one year, the band gained a lot of maturity, through constant touring and dedication. Not only The Charm The Fury have this ability to actually draw on various influences in order to create a unique sound but most of all, it is a woman that carries out the vocal duties.

All through the twelve tracks that form the record, The Charm The Fury deliver a real show of strength and daring. The work is polished and steady and it all begins with a piano and violin introduction that gently sets the bewitching atmosphere of ‘A Shade Of My Former Self’, before getting to the heart of the matter. Indeed, the next song A Testament blow things off quickly when Caroline Westendorp’s angry screams rage in unison with explosive drum beats. The next songs follow the same structure, with some hard-hitting guitar riffs, refined drum work and an actually sough-after effort that is apparent from the instrumental complexity. It’s all topped by Caroline’s voice that switches from gritty screams to actual singing with assertiveness. Having seen them live already, I can also say that she does this with the same strength even on stage. Some pleasant instrumental breaks make strategic appearances throughout the songs with one actual instrumental track that comes halfway through the album (In The Wake Of Pride), only to make the following songs even darker, even bigger. There are of course standout tracks such as Heartless, Breathless, A Testament and the title track A Shade Of My Former Self with its lively gang vocals. Furthermore, let’s not forget that Daniel de Jongh of Textures and Jamie Graham of Heart Of a Coward make quality appearances on two songs.

Overall, The Charm The Fury have made huge steps forward since ‘The Social Meltdown’.  That is indeed an easy thing to notice in the way they sound : this album is darker, heavier and more atmospheric, giving everything a feeling of “grandeur”.  This is an ambitious band that is not afraid of taking risks. For instance, we can hear a few electronics every now and then, but they blend perfectly in the atmosphere because they are not over-used which is another sign of the maturity of this young band that know exactly their craft.

The key point here is that metal scene should definitely bear The Charm The Fury in mind in the (near) future. Another european pride!

Artist : The Charm The Fury
Album : A Shade Of My Former Self
Release : 16/09/2013 via Listenable Records



‘A Shade Of My Former Self’ release shows :

In Amsterdam (NL) on September 28th, 2013 at Melkweg;

In Mechelen (BE) on September 29th, 2013 at Club Kamikaze.


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