The One Hundred : One in a Million

The One Hundred
was born from the ashes of Collapse The Control, a band that already used to blend metalcore and electronica. This wasn’t (and still isn’t) something uncommon. If you look it up on Google you’d easily find a whole lot of “Electronicore” bands (We don’t label.  That’s how Wikipedia calls them. Not that we consider Wikipedia as a music reference…) doing their bit, with another UK band that we all know very well leading : Enter Shikari.
Why would The One Hundred be “one in a million” when the spectrum hosts dozens and dozens of more or less similar bands, with quite some success to an extent? What is so special about The One Hundred?

Looking back, the project seemed quite ambitious – even presumptuous – for a band born in 2012/13, in an alternative musical landscape that is 1- extremely busy, 2- makes everything ephemeral. The One Hundred decided to gather elements from rap to metal, with pinches of hip-hop and a lot of electronica. To top all of this, vocalist Jacob Field masters a large repertory equally. Obviously a risky gamble.
But guess what, The One Hundred have found the perfect balance between all of this to make the project viable. Even strong. They make music that would bring anyone to party mood at level 100%, fists up in the air, jumping and shouting. The result is impressive and screams originality. ‘Subculture’ EP is born.

“Subculture : A Branch off from mainstream culture embracing its own unique style. Often times, as more and more people do it, pieces of various subcultures become mainstream”

The One Hundred have collected the best of various branches from mainstream cultures in only a year or so, in order to create something absolutely unique. Besides, not only their have created a product that sounds good, but they do stand for something, that they express creatively.
In a matter of 5 tracks, The One Hundred  talk being part of a broken generation living with an uncertain future and  confronting a situation that they have not chosen. But their concern makes them consider being part of a solid group in a british generation, that will resist and make a change (“You know you will never divide us”)
It’s that feeling of belonging which originates from the band, that we believe will make them attract people in a way that should be lasting, more than many of their peers. Not so surprisingly, it  reminisces of their counterparts in HacktivistThe One Hundred could be the UFO the youth is needing right now.

So yes, The One Hundred can get pretty much anyone hooked, they’re the rallying point for the various cultures. The way they have matured, with only one EP in a couple years of career under their belts, earned them milestones such as slots at Reading & Leeds, Download festival, opening for Papa Roach and even – more recently – legendary Mötley Crüe. Even the australian label UNFD – home to notorious alternative rock bands – saw the potential and helped them with the release of ‘Subculture’ in 2014.
However, if you look at it closely, you will certainly notice that these honors mostly apply in the UK. In Europe (and the rest of the world, per se), The One Hundred still need to break the market. Starting now. The One Hundred are currently on an extensive tour in mainland Europe supporting Crossfaith.
Who would have bet on Enter Shikari back in the day? They are now playing gigantic arenas in Britain. The One Hundred could become the next british sensation.
We couldn’t put it better ourselves, they are “the new breed, the new generation”.
PS : Did we mention Jacob’s fantastic dance moves? See for yourself.

The One Hundred : ‘Subculture’, out now via UNFD.
Catch them right now on the Xeno Tour with Crossfaith.

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