Through The Lens – 2016 in Review edition

Of course we couldn’t forget to include something important to us in these 2016 in Review series; which is music photography. As you know, we have a lovely team of photographers who always contribute in helping us building memories of our favorite shows.  So we asked Alisson, Emma, Mariam and Gaëlle to share with us their favorite photo taken for PLUG IN this year, along with the story behind it.


Creeper @ Paris, March 2016
In 2016, I got the chance to photograph many new bands and Creeper is one of them. Even if I wasn’t familiar with this kind of music, I fell in love with the positive energy Creeper provide on stage. It’s such a fun band to shoot and I always challenge myself to catch Will Gould’s (singer) moves and attitude.  Since I had the chance to shoot them twice this year, I chose a picture from the first time I saw them back in March.
I love the lights display and we can actually perceive Will Gould’s energy in this picture. Maybe that’s how I feel, looking at the photo because it was the first time I saw Creeper or because the venue was pretty rad, but it’s one of those rare photos I took, that I really like.

More photos of this show HERE.



Vinnie Caruana @ Los Angeles, July 2016
When I wrote about the show, I ended with “Shout out to these evenings when nobody’s too cool for school or too jaded for heartfelt music.” That pretty much sums up that night and the good vibes flowing. Add some pretty dope lights -especially for a small club- and you can catch a pretty awesome and beautiful moment in the heat of Los Angeles.

More photos of this show HERE.



Architects @ Paris, October 2015

I’ve been a music fan for ages and it has slowly become my second home and a piece of my heart. So when Architects‘ guitarist Tom Searle passed away last summer, it felt like a whole world was crashing in front of me. Ironically, their last show in Paris, back in November, was the first time I got to photograph Architects. That night was so much more than just music. It was what music is all about: a sense of community, sharing and love. The bond between the fans and the artists could be seen in Sam Carter’s thankful and grateful look. A look that I will never forget.



BURNING DOWN ALASKA @ Paris, March 2016

I barely knew Burning Down Alaska when I attended this -odd- gig. It was part of the band’s headliner in Europe, alongside Casey and Acres, which is for me a brilliant line up. If the show itself didn’t happen in the best conditions, it was good to discover Burning Down Alaska in their newest form, which is with the addition of Kassim Auale as a second vocalist and clean singer. This new configuration suits them well and adds depth to their performances, which is a good thing, I guess. Oddly enough, these photos turned out to be some of my favorites of the year and this one right here, especially. You know the depth I just mentioned? It’s fueled by the strong emotions the singer seems to be going through and it’s just one of these moments I can see in the above picture. I got to photograph Burning Down Alaska several time in the past year, but those from this show are still my favorite.

More photos HERE.




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