Through The Lens – The Unbeliever

ARCHITECTS – Paris, October 2016 © Emma Forni //

‘Look at this life as a grain of sand, blink of an eye, the world in your hands’

When I first heard Unbeliever, the line ‘Look at this life as a grain of sand / blink of an eye / the world in your hands’ hit me hard.
I’ve always been anxious. Overthinking, mistakes and regrets have always been a part of me. I’ve been enduring instead of acting and I rarely put things into perspective. So, listening to someone shouting that life is precious and should be enjoyed to its fullest as it could disappear in a second, spoke to me. ‘The world in your hands’,  only reminds me that we actually have the power to change things around us. These words are a reminder to me that life is too precious to be wasted, worrying about all sorts of things. The song is originally about the band’s atheism but it also is also a good way for me to recall that power can be in my own hands, if you just believe in myself first and foremost.

Photographing artists who have influenced my daily life one way or another is crucial because it’s a way to give music a soul and to pay respect to its authors. What I like about music photography is the way it allows me to transcribe a feeling into something physical and give it a way to come alive visually. Musicians are human beings just like you and me, with a sensitivity. And it’s this sensitivity, that is different for each individual, each artist I watch performing that I feel the need to capture. Architects are one of these individuals.

Words and photos : Emma Forni. 


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