Tom Odell – Paris / France (22.05.2013)

Paris, last week of May, somewhere near a canal. We’re inside quite a curious venue (Le Point Ephemere) right next to the Seine river, waiting not-so-patiently for this singer everyone seems to be looking towards to at the moment. A blond haired boyish young man with a piano, three charismatic musicians and here starts one of the most beautiful shows I’ve been to this year. First because it was different from the metal / hardcore shows I’m used to attend, secondly because it was simply wonderful.

Entering the stage with the delightful Grow Old With Me, Tom Odell managed to catch everyone’s attention in a matter of seconds. Plus, the lightening conditions, the sound and the whole staging were excellent, which increased our pleasure from the audience’s point of view.

Odell seems to be currently the “Next big thing”. Indeed, having only released a 4-song EP, he’s already won the Brits’ Critic Choice award, completed various world tours and even had a spot on Jools Holland’s show among (a lot of) other things. But you only have to see him performing to understand how come such a young person with such a young career can be so successful.

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The man looks completely connected to his music even possessed by it. It’s nearly possible to clearly witness a relationship between him and his piano in a way that is magical, especially during Hold Me.

Tom Odell’s striking and tender voice takes you into a wonderful journey out of the present and you wish you could stay there longer. Sometimes it’s upbeat, others more melancholic, alternating vigorous with more relaxed songs. Always accompanied by soft-sounding keys, Tom Odell plays all of the previously released songs such as successful single Another Love and the stunning Can’t Pretend, but also newer songs that will be part of the soon-to-be released full-length, and even fantastic cover songs. For instance, Oh, Darling, originally performed by the Beatles has seen a rebirth thanks to Odell. The crowd is thrilled and we could watch people dancing and singing with shining eyes since the beginning.
Tom isn’t much talkative but he never forgets to thank the audience and even mentionned he likes the city of Paris because it’s inspiring to him. He indeed stayed there for some time while he was writing his upcoming album “Long Way Down”.

Overall, Tom Odell and his talented musicians delivered an excellent show in Paris tonight, taking us one one wonderful hour journey somewhere up there. The 22-year-old singer/song writer is definitely headed to bigger stages because this is only the beginning.


New album “Long Way Down” is set to be released on June 24th and it’s available for free stream in its entirety here.

Tom Odell will embark onto a European tour next October, be sure to catch him on that one.

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