2014 in Review – Top gigs of 2014 : Staff Picks

Of course a year of music could be nothing without gigs and concerts. So we asked everyone in the team to share their fondest gig memories of the year and what made it so special…So came up with this list.

Photo © Christophe Soulas // www.plugin-mag.com
Photo © Christophe Soulas // www.plugin-mag.com



Defeater + Caspian + Landscapes + Goodtime Boys // Antwerp, January 2014
These bands and some of the most passionate ones we’ve even witnessed on a stage. Good time Boys were touching, Landscapes stirring, Caspian hypnotizing and Defeater tore us apart (in a good way). It was raw and beautiful and we could simply contemplate them forever. Defeater’s Derek Archambault was suffering from his hip ‘injury’ at that moment and yet decided to step there and keep going with this tour.

A Day To Remember + Every Time I Die + The Story So Far // Brussels, January 2014
It was just a complete mess. Seeing all The Story So Far’s fans going mental (I don’t remember seeing so many stage dives at the AB before) and such a dedication shown to A Day To Remember only highlights how their signature hardcore grows in people. (And thumbs up to the amazing ‘Common Courtesy’!)

Architects + Stray From The Path + Northlane // Antwerp, March 2014
Architects stepping up their game are a permanent reminder that England has the best bands of this genre. They just blow your mind each time and this one was particularly memorable. God Bless Architects.

Kaiser Chiefs // Brussels, April 2014
That show was just all about our teenage years and memories of high school surfacing again. Kaiser Chiefs are top performers with a great sense of humour and they made this evening turn into a big spring party that we surely enjoyed (a lot!)

Bastille // Rock Werchter, July 2014
This band can make your life just way more joyful, and with the rain falling over us, it just all became magical.

Parkway Drive + Heaven Shall Burn + Northlane + Carnifex // Paris, December 2014
Without any doubt the tour of the year, reuniting some of the most amazing bands of the moment! Heaven Shall Burn and Parkway Drive delivered some of the most muscular and impressive shows, as per usual.  Also, seeing Parkway Drive in that circus on that specific date made it, for personal reasons, a night to never forget.

Balance and Composure + Seahaven + Moose Blood // Antwerp, October 2014
Feelings unfolded, much love was spread. This line up was just the perfect combo for a lot of passion and intensity provided by music. It was also the night where we met our new favorite band, Moose Blood in real life.

Heights + The Catharsis // Antwerp, September 2014
A show full of emotion as it was Heights’ farewell show in Belgium, a country they had a special connection with. The crowd showed an incredible involvement and support and things quickly went off the charts. It was also the first time we got to finally see The Catharsis after a long wait and they blew our minds! Now it’s a bittersweet memory to us, knowing that we might not be able to see them ever again either…

Set Things Right (Album Release Show) + Wasted Bullet + Bear + This Kid + Across The Ocean // Edegem, May 2014
That night made us proud of our local scene. Not only it gathered some of the finest, current bands in Belgium and the Netherlands, but it was also the day Set Things Right finally unveiled their new album ‘This Is Home’, delivering an excellent performance for this special occasion. A lot people showed up to this event and the support all of the bands got was amazing.


And also special mentions to Mildtfest (May) in Eindhoven and Miner fest (July) in Genk, who deserve a spot here for being excellent initiatives for musical events of bigger scale in our area.
Mildfest has been a fantastic day of pop-punk, reuniting in one day some of the best tours happening at that time(including State Champs who still hasn’t played any other european show to this day) and bringing to the foreground some quality local bands of the genre such as The 101 and Call it Off. Striking hard for its first edition with not less than 60 bands from Belgium, The Netherlands and all over the world, in three days, Miner Fest was one major surprise of the year, bringing happiness to lovers of the punk/metal/hardcore genres.


Photo © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com
Photo © Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com



Fall Out Boy // London, March 2014
Fall Out Boy are BACK. Enough said.

Blink 182 // London, August 2014
I was the girl at the rock show for one night in a tiny (for them) venue with the kings of pop punk. From the giant flaming “FUCK” sign to the crude jokes, and the great throwback tunes, it felt like I was just a pop punk kid again and nothing else mattered.

Anberlin // London, August 2014
This was a bittersweet one for me—as a latecomer to their music, I felt ashamed that I hadn’t been a fan of them from the beginning when I should have been, but also glad I got to see them for the first, and last time. In between songs there were chants of “AN! BER! LIN!” and the atmosphere was as incredible as the farewell show they put on.



Kids In Glass Houses // Cardiff, October 2014
I can’t think of anything to say about that beautifully heartbreaking show that would do it justice, but it was totally worth every second spent traveling. | Kids In Glass Houses : 2006-2014 |

You Me At Six + Deaf Havana // Paris, March 2014
One of my favourite shows this year,partly because I saw my favourite band,but also a room full of people who love music just as much as I do.

Blitz Kids // Lille, July 2014
Now, the organisation and venue weren’t the best, but there was something special about this show in the middle of nowhere with most of my friends, which makes it an unforgettable one.



Bastille // Rock Werchter, July 2014
The rain was falling from the sky, but this was definetely the best show I’ve seen this year!

All Time Low // Paris, March 2014
Been following this band around for a while now and never get tired of seeing them live! Highlight of my year.

Blitz Kids // Groezrock, March 2014
These guys took my heart from the first note they played and they rocked their first show at Groezrock!



Letlive // Slam Dunk South, May 2014
This set was so sick, sometimes I still wonder if it was real. The performance was amazing, with a hypnotic Jason Aalon Butler. It’s probably my favorite show ever and I can’t wait to see them again on stage.

New Found Glory + Blitz Kids + We Fall As One // Paris, November 2014
Just this november, the pop punk kings were in Paris for a headline show. Energetic and fun are two words which could decribe the performance. Even after 15 years, they are still a brilliant live band.

All Time Low // Solothurn (CH)
It’s always a pleasure to see these dudes on stage. They are hilarious, and they show that they are here to have fun and to make their audience happy. The setlist, which reunited their oldest and newest fans was really good.


Architects // Lyon, June 2014
Travelling to see bands always gives good stories to tell.  That gig of Architects in a small venue in Lyon, France last June was very sweaty but also the night I completely fell for them. Everything from the people to the atmosphere and the setlist was amazing.

McBusted // London, July 2014
Getting to see McBusted play hits like « Air Hostess », « Obviously» or « Year 3000 » right after Backstreet Boys and in front of a massive crowd in Hyde Park was absolutely and amazingly epic. McBusted brought up so many good memories that evening.

Sunday August 24th // Reading Festival
Reading was an unforgettable experience. The Sunday was my favorite, ending with Blink 182, one of the many bands of my teens. Special mention to A Day To Remember and Sleeping With Sirens for reminding me why I love live music so much. Summer nostalgia, right there.


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