This tour didn’t kill PUP (but pup killed it) || Paris (Jan. 2017)

It’s common knowledge that PUP are just so good at what they do, so we’re going to spare you yet another review and just keep on singing along.
Here’s the story of that one evening we spent with PUP, in Paris, through one big singalong, because we  can never, ever get enough of the Canadians’ lyrics.

“Paris celebrated life at the end of the earth that night

Oh it was hot but still it wasn’t hot enough (it was)
You wanna know if PUP is still a prick?

We spent a long time down in a sweaty basement with PUP
(not technically a basement, but it felt like one)
Yet, didn’t even have our backs against the wall
They used to say “Don’t quit your day job” well guess what? They never had one!
Turns out PUP are not just good at fucking up and ruining everything

Now that PUP’s gone, we’ll be back on our own
Long story short, this tour didn’t kill PUP, but PUP killed it (and us, as well) 

PS: You keep requesting old wounds It’s so embarrassing, don’t you know it’s the setlist closer?
(Joking, shout out to that guy)”




Special thanks to the rad people at SideOneDummy Records
and thank you PUP!

Words : A. G. & M. 
Photos : Gaëlle Pitrel


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