Trade Wind – Antwerp | 20.02.2016

Trade Wind - Antwerp (Feb 2016) © Gaëlle Pitrel //
Trade Wind – Antwerp (Feb 2016) © Gaëlle Pitrel //

Have you ever heard of Trade Wind? Probably some of you at least.
Trade Wind is the side project for a duet you certainly know; Jesse Barnett, also known for being the vocalist for Stick To Your Guns and their current tourmate Tom Williams, who plays riffs in Stray From The Path. Formed a couple of years ago, this project is something different from what both of these guys do, but it is definitely strong and concrete. Enough to make their EP ‘Suffer Just To Believe’ your soundtrack to chill evenings at home. Choosing to create different a kind of music is a way for Tom and Jesse to break from what could be becoming their routine. In fact, the latter explained that they “both need this so [they] don’t go crazy.”
Taking advantage of being on tour together this winter, Trade Wind managed to make a few appearances here and there in Europe, playing acoustic sets before or after their shows with their respective bands.

In Antwerp, Trade Wind took over the Trix bar, which is the upstairs smaller room of the popular venue of the same name.  A few dozens of people gathered on this fine Friday evening to watch the duet give a stripped-down rendition of some of their songs.
Trade Wind are not exactly in the foreground of the current musical landscape (yet) and maybe it is also because both of the members are involved full time in successful bands and they take the time they need to work properly on Trade Wind.  Still, people went to check them out and share a moment of musical delicacy, which made sense as everyone became completely silent, when the first melodies began playing.

Of course Jesse took time to thank everyone for being here, because assuming most of the people in the area today would be only fans of Stick To Your Guns or Stray From The Path, he wouldn’t have expected to see them actually showing up for Trade Wind. Which is great, as Trade Wind is slightly different musically than everything else that would be played on the next show, a couple hours later. Openness is great.

All in all, Trade Wind offered us a beautiful and peaceful moment and it was something anyone would need at the end of a busy week at work, school, or whatever everyone’s doing. Most of all, we particularly appreciated the value people gave to this music and this half hour of music, by showing respect to both the musicians and to each other.

Here is a video we thought we could share with you.

Photos & video : Gaëlle Pitrel


Listen to Trade Wind :

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