Album Review : Traditions – Cycles (EP)

1896887_491324257645054_633894609_nTraditions are a young band hailing from Massachusetts. Their trademark is probably the pop-punk driven, yet extremely mature instrumentality all topped with smooth vocals, which make everything sound catchy and much enjoyable.

The band masters the art of gang vocals  (something apparently trendy on most of the releases of the genre, but it’s a major positive point if you ask me), especially if you listen to Progression/Regression, which is one of the most promising songs on the EP. The last two tracks are somehow different than the others. For instance, Polarity slightly transforms the atmosphere into something more powerful, and we can actually fully appreciate the lead vocals, as well as the guitars and the gradually imposing drumbeats. This number is surprisingly a lovely reminder to the early 2000s punk rock music. The next song, Eyes Of A Man, fits more into the current pop punk music trends, as if early The Swellers blended with Neck Deep, Real Friends and more recent punk rock influences of this kind.

‘Cycles’ isn’t a release that will change your life, however it’s an excellent one to initiate a promising music career for Traditions that many of you pop-punk fans will completely enjoy listening to.

Traditions will release their new EP ‘Cycles’ on March 11 through Take To This Heart Records.

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  1. Cycles did change my life! The lyrics and messages behind them are so strong and powerful, so I cant wait to see Traditions’ next releases that are meant to change lives <3

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