Storm The Sky round off music video trilogy with Wake Up Sleeping

Storm The Sky is an alternative rock band from Australia, who we’ve been following closely this past year. Coming from a “post-hardcore” background, the band has released a sophomore album this year, that sounds nothing like metalcore anymore. In fact, the follow up to ‘Permanence’ happened after a major change in the line up and an obvious shift in the direction the band has chosen for the future. In the new album ‘Sin Will Find You’ (released on 5/8/2016 via UNFD), it’s an atmospheric, enjoyable and catchy sound that emerges from the now dark, pop/rock-esque Storm The Sky. It probably has pissed off a handful of early fans, but this is precisely where Storm The Sky caught our attention and it has probably something to do with the stylistic surprise this album was for us.

‘Sin Will Find You’ is a rather introspective record, where singer William Jarratt probably confronts his own demons, and the guys have just released yet another music video for the track Wake Up Sleeping (see below). It’s a video worth watching, because it’s visually captivating, especially when you know it’s actually the third and last installment to a ‘series’ of music videos that make a trilogy the band called You Do This To Me.  The previous videos were respectively for Lilac and Medicine.

These are songs that try to put words on everything that’s going inside one’s mind, from the way they (in this case, William) deal with a strong relationship and how destructive it might become, make crucial decisions, think their own future and as a result deal with anxiety, depression and all in all mental illness, that – according to Jarratt – has seemingly become something nearly “epidemic” in our generation. But Storm The Sky‘s point resides on another level, which is “celebrating the fact that we are not alone in this”, because sometimes, “we just need a crowd to accept us, smile and sing along to how shit we feel”, at least this is how it felt for the singer when he happened to find himself in this position.

Watch : Lilac & Medicine



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