Warped Tour – The Volunteer life #1 : Wantagh, NY.

Wantagh, NY - July 11th 2015.
Wantagh, NY – July 11th 2015.

The excitment before Warped Tour is always very intense which pretty much leads to lack of sleep, especially when you flew all the way from France to experience something you’ve been dreaming of for years! Tricky when you have to be at the venue by 8am! So with 4hrs of sleep and an early train to catch from Penn Station I grabbed my bag and headed over to Long Island. If you have no idea what it’s like to spend a day on Warped Tour, here your chance to have an overview. 


For the past few months I had been looking at all the sponsors on Warped Tour, choosing the organizations that not only appealed to me the most but with whom I had a chance of being on board with. Feed Our Children Now! was the one I knew best and the first to reply so I decided to do a couple of dates volunteering for them. FOCN is a non-profit organization that aims at helping the lives of children in needs and organizes food drives to raise the issue of hunger in the US. Each donation will give the Warped Tour goers an express entry wristband to skip the line. All you have to do is give $5, 3 cans of food or an old cell phone. A good and easy way to help a good cause. As a volunteer my job was also very simple. I helped set up the tent and prepare everything before it kicked off. All the volunteers then got ready to accept all the donations in the morning. After 2/3 hours and once it is all done we have to put all the food in the trucks, food that will immediately be donated locally. In New York, for example, all the profits have been donated to Momma’s House (www.mommashouse.org.) Around 2.30pm you are officially free to go enjoy the rest of the day.

Warped Tour

The New York date happened to be in Long Island and by the beach. The doors open at 11am and the day goes on until 9pm. The first band kick the day off around 11.30am and on this date Mallory Knox had the honour of opening the Shark Main Stage. Warped tour is a full day of live music checking out amazing bands in a very very hot weather. Beware of sunburns! Actually you can’t escape that but staying hydrated is a must if you want to make it to the good sets throughout the day.

The 2015 line up is pretty sick offering a good variety of bands on each stage. Every day is different on the tour, bands don’t play at the same time and it is always eventful. You can meet a lot of people on there and often have the opportunity to talk to your favourite bands after their set or during signings. Warped Tour is also used as a visibility for many non-profit organizations of all kinds, record labels, brands etc. so you’ll always come back from Warped Tour with a lot of different flyers, free goodies, merch and a lot of memories. I actually can’t manage to describe properly what that Warped Tour vibe really is as it’s a spirit of it’s own. It’s like a big village with tents and bands everywhere. And it’s packed with alternative teenagers, pretty much all wearing vans (me included!). And the awesome thing about this festival is that you always end up somewhere you had absolutely not planed. I wanted to catch Mallory Knox, Pierce The Veil, Our Last Night, While She Sleeps, Neck Deep and a few others. I ended up catching a glimpse of Moose Blood, Knuckle Puck, Man Overboard and see Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties full band set along with Beartooth on top of all the ones I absolutely couldn’t miss.

Warped Tour is actually a very good opportunity to meet people and discover new bands. As a matter of fact it is a very good opportunity for new bands to get their names out there. Whilst queuing at the Main Entrance you’ll always have at least 3 bands coming over to make you listen to their tracks and buy their CD’s. Which is always nice! The two big artists I have in mind who did Warped Tour back in the days are simply Katy Perry and Eminem! Pretty sick, huh? So yeah basically, Warped Tour is one of a kind, and I wish Europe could recreate a tour with such a spirit as it is in the US. Anyway, I have now finished my pancakes by Harvard University and I’ve got to do some touristy stuff before heading to Warped Tour in Mansfield, MA tomorrow (July 14th). So stay tuned !


Words : Roxy S.


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