Warped Tour – The Volunteer life #2

And the Warped Tour fun continues… After long drives and many adventures I was ready for the next dates on the tour in New England and Canada. It all may sound like “What’s the point of doing so many dates of the same tour?”

but the thing is each Warped Tour date is actually pretty unique on its own and you never know what is going to happen. Which is a real thrill to me. It’s not exactly like following the same tour of one band simply because you have over 50 acts to check out and so many things planned out for the fans on there that it will never be the same. After doing 4 dates of The Vans Warped Tour 2015 I’m even more convinced of that and I can tell you exactly what was so outstanding about each one. The weather, the special guests, the signings, the people etc. make each date what it is. And I’m here to give you an insight of Warped Tour, from a volunteer point of view but also as a fan since I tried new things on every date I got to work on.

The Signings/Meet&Greets
Many non-profit organizations and record labels are on the tour such as Hope For The Day, Rise Records, Alternative Press, Fearless Records, Keep A Breast, Epitaph, Cool Gear etc. and they usually have band signings at their tents. Pierce The Veil, Mallory Knox, Transit, Neck Deep, Our Last Night, Escape The Fate, Set It Off, Memphis May Fire, While She Sleeps, Silverstein, Beartooth, Simple Plan etc. offered the fans the chance to meet them, talk to them and even take selfies with them. For the most popular bands you had to either have a wristband as they were limited to 100 or queue for hours. Up to you to miss out on a couple sets or not as it is a real race on Warped Tour and band clashes are a nightmare. However many bands had their own signings at Merch and the good thing about Warped Tour just like any other festival is that you can run into your favorite artists randomly at the venue before or after their set. There are so many things to do in between sets that you will definitely run into a band or two just walking around the venue.

The Workshops
TEI – The Entertainement Institute is on the whole tour every year and offers fans the opportunity to spend time with their favorite band backstage and talk about different topics such as social media, vocal/guitar/drum lessons, songwriting, photography, artist development/marketing, how to get your band on tour etc. The TEI representants walk around the venue with a sign to get as many people involved with the workshops on each date. You pay $25 and sign up for a 45min session. I usually never do such things but as I wanted to experience most of Warped Tour I figured that day in Mansfield was my chance. My “guru” was Lloyd Roberts from Neck Deep and for over 1hr I got to talk to him about pretty much anything related to the music business and play guitar with him. Pretty much like a private lesson as none of the other people who’d signed up showed up. It was really interesting and useful for me and I wish I could have done another session on a different topic with another band. But again, it’s up to you do a workshop as it may happen during one of your favorite bands playing.

Silverstein, Set It Off, Never Shout Never, Attila, Palisades, Miss May I, Mc Lars, Juliet Simms, Pvris, Adam Elmakias and many others joined TEI for their workshops all Summer long. Many people on Warped Tour do want to learn more about the industy and dream of working with a record label. TEI offers them the opportunity to learn more about their passion and it is a really great initiative for sure. I think that it’s what made my day in Boston so memorable on top of the venue being in the middle of a forrest and despite the cold rain.

In a nutshell everything is planned on Warped Tour for you to have the best of fun on top of seeing all your favorite bands. You’ll hear a lot of music everywhere, you’ll get to dance to your favorite tracks, cool in the shade, discover new bands and meet a bunch of cool people and artists at their merch tent    . But trust me, as long as you have your friends, stay hydrated and wear loads of sunscreen you will have a great Warped Tour experience. No doubt!

Words : Roxy S. 


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