Your Demise announce final release

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 22.06.50Your Demise have begun the first leg of their farewell touring. Kicking off tonight in Eindhoven, Holland, the band’s final dates will span until March 2014 and will see the quintet performing shows across 6 continents.

In tandem with this ‘beginning of the end…’, Your Demise have revealed details of a swansong release, which will take the form of a DVD centered around a feature length documentary. The documentary, which will be produced by Crashburn Media during the band’s forthcoming six final months on tour, and will seek to provide not only a glimpse into Your Demise in this bittersweet final chapter, but offer a look behind the scenes at the band’s eventful, global career.

“I’m honoured to have been approached by the band for this (…) I’ve known the band for a long time and I think that bodes well for a film where we’re looking wrap up a career full of incredible achievements (not to mention much controversy). They are a group that have been tarred with a lot of misconceived viewpoints, and this is a chance for us to show case the real YD with no holds barred.” – Ryan Mackfall, Crashburn Media

“This DVD will also show you the real emotion we are going to be going through as a band, as five friends that are in theory starting to mourn their loss,” continues the guitarist; “I’m not really sure how we are going to be… I think there will be tears, but that’s what we want, we want it to be real.”
– Stu Paice, Your Demise

The as yet untitled Your Demise DVD will be released in Spring 2014.


For the record, the European dates for Your Demise‘s farewell touring activity are:

EUROPE (with support from Coldburn & Betrayal)

Wed 9 Oct- Dynamo, Eindhoven, Holland – SOLD OUT

Thu 10 Oct- 1210, Stuttgart, Germany

Fri 11 Oct- Kranhalle, Munich, Germany

Sat 12 Oct- Scheune, Dresden,Germany

Sun 13 Oct- Magnet, Berlin, Germany

Mon 14 Oct- Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany

Tue 15 Oct- Underground, Cologne,Germany

Wed 16 Oct- Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany

Thu 17 Oct- JH Thope, Bruges, Belgium – SOLD OUT

Thu 25 Oct – Hard Club, Porto, Portugal

Fri 26 Oct – Ritz Club, Lisbon, Portugal

Thu 5 Dec – Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Fri 6 Dec – Ucho, Gdynia, Poland (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Sat 7 Dec – Barrak Music Club, Ostrava, Czech Republic (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Sun 8 Dec – Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Mon 9 Dec – A38, Budapest, Hungary (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Tue 10 Dec – Arenele Romane, Bucharest, Romania (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Wed 11 Dec – Mixtape 5, Sofia, Bulgaria (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Thu 12 Dec – Quarter, Novia Sad, Serbia (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Fri 13 Dec – Cinemas Ex Sloga, Sarajevo, Bosnia (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Sat 14 Dec – Mostovna, Nova Goricia, Slovenia (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)

Sun 15 Dec – Explosiv, Graz, Austria (w/ Madball, Deez Nuts)


Tue 11 March- Joiners, Southampton – SOLD OUT

Wed 12 March- Cathouse, Glasgow

Thu 13 March- NQ Live, Manchester

Fri 14 March- Underworld, London – SOLD OUT

Sat 15 March  – Underworld, London – SOLD OUT


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