Evening Rockshow in a Basement : Penny Was Right & Stay Gone

Last Saturday Penny Was Right invaded La Cantine de Belleville, which is basically a restaurant’s basement. They brought Stay Gone, a band of pop/punk dudes from Lille, France, along with them and although the venue was super tiny both bands gave a lot of energy to keep us on the hype throughout the night.

Stay Gone, have a good sound, a good live energy and recognizable pop/punk tracks. Which obviously was pretty sweet to hear on this Saturday night. They played a few songs of their new EP, ‘Charades’ (out now on No Panic Records) and were very stoked to play Paris before Penny Was Right. The support between each bands was sort of respectable and cool to see.

Stay Gone - Paris, Jan. 2015 © Alisson Nilsson
Stay Gone – Paris, Jan. 2016 © Alisson Nilsson

However, Penny Was Right was a very good surprise and worth the wait. Although the room was ridicously small and super hot, it didn’t stop the band from playing around with the people and keeping the energy high so we could definitely tell the band is used to playing all types of venues. What was also noticed was their definite punk/rock sound. All their songs had that same good vibe and punk roots which is something we don’t hear everywhere lately.

Penny Was Right – Paris, Jan 2016 © Alisson Nilsson

They also played new songs that will be on the EP that’s currently in the making and everyone seemed to be happy with what they heard. In a nutshell it was a cool rock gig in a small basement with two bands that were worth checking out. Special mention to Penny Was Right’s singer who did a great job keeping us alive and jumping throughout the entire set ! Penny Was Right keeps growing in the Paris scene and with new songs on the way you’ll probably hear of them soon enough. So make sure to not miss them next time.


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If you’re around Paris in February, make sure you catch Stay Gone opening for Roam!

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