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It’s that time of the year again! 2015 has definitely been a good year for music and once again, we want to share with you our highlights of this eventful year 2015. Here’s the last installment of our Albums of the Year series.


1500x1500sr1. The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out!

With this new record, The Neighbourhood took a path we were not expecting, surely inspired by those new R’n’B vibes (see The Weeknd…), more calm and airy. At first I was skeptical when the first singles came out (R.I.P 2 My Youth, The Beach…), but with every listen, the record just keeps growing in me. ‘Wiped Out!’ is so refreshing, just close your eyes and let yourself go to LA, surrounded by the sound of the waves and the heat. If you already miss the summer, this record will take you back there. And R.I.P 2 My Youth ended being the song of 2015 for me, because I just love how, at the opposite of what’s this song is referring to, it just fuels my heart with joy and energy. To sum it up, I just love The Neighbourhood and everything they do.


Saudade2. Boston Manor – Sausade

Boston Manor has definitely been my 2015 crush. At the edge of pop/punk with hardcore sonorities, this band is just a breath of fresh air, I can’t get enough of it. On their latest EP ‘Saudade’, the different variations on every song make you live the record as if you were on one hell of a crazy rollercoaster. Boston Manor know how to pull the best from all worlds and turn it into their own unique sound, they manage to stand out in a time when every other pop/punk band makes the same music.
In other words, magic just happens when listening to this 4 song EP. So if you don’t know Boston Manor yet, you’ll do yourself a huge favor by listening to this new EP.


_1428366280_cover3. Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface

To be honest, everything this band does will bring you closer to the ultimate happiness. And this record is no exception, it’s a just step forward and towards perfection. It’s my all day, all moments record : I will play it when I wake up, on my way to work, when I’m taking my shower, it gets me fired up for everything I’m doing. ‘Blurryface’ is one of those records that has the ability to completely cut you from the reality around (and I can always play back in my head their performance at Pukkelpop where the energy was surreal and out of this world). Twenty One Pilots are a perfect duo that re-invents music by incorporating so many genres and energies, and it all makes sense live.



There are many other records that I caught my attention and had my heart in 2015, so I could not go without having a few words about them.
For instance, Mumford and Sons delivered yet another astonishing album with ‘Wild Mind’ with their remarkable folk, and Marcus’ mesmerizing voice, highlighted by other members backing vocals.
Enter Shikari dropped a major record last year too, their ‘Mindsweep’ was electrifying and reviving. They, as always, lived up to our expectations and didn’t fail us, Enter Shikari are a safe bet.
Stray From The Path‘s ‘Subliminal Criminals’ was definitely a highlight of 2015, such a powerful record, that deals with so many serious matters with an accurate intensity.
Of Monsters and Men impressed us, once again, with a demonstration of the width of their abilities through their latest release ‘Beneath The Skin’, with which they managed to make us travel to their Icelandic lands.

2015 marked also While She Sleeps‘ triumphant and brilliant comeback, with their second long-awaited album ‘Brainwashed’, stepping up their game and proving everyone that they’re here to stay, and stay strong. And finally, 2015 was the year All Time Low regained my heart thanks to ‘Future Hearts’, the positive vibes and refreshing sounds of the record reminded me why I used to love this band and it feels great.

(I also loved The Vaccines‘ ‘English Graffiti’ and Defeater‘s ‘Abandoned’).


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I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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