2014 in Review : 10 bands to know before the end of the year #3


Once again we are back with these infamous  end of the year series and this time, we would like to introduce to you some bands we individually discovered this year. They are also bands we do believe (hopefully) have bright days ahead of them and bands that you will probably hear from next year! Here is the third and final part of the series.



Brace yourselves people, because even the old continent has some lovely gems. Hailing from Eindhoven (NL), Call it off are four relaxed punk rockers, full time mood boosters. Always fun and energetic, Call It Off are this kind of band that always spreads a lot of smiles and positivity wherever they appear. Sometimes reminiscent of punk rock pioneers such as Green Day in their Dookie years or Blink 182, bought up to date, the dutch are definitely creating something fresh. After two EPs, ‘Lovers’ then ‘Liars’, and a lot of shows this year with bands such as New Found Glory, Zebrahead and The Story So Far, Call It Off are about to drop a new release, that will reunite their two previous EPs plus a couple of bonus tracks. The full length, ‘Lovers and Liars’ should see the light early 2015 via White Russian Records. So in sum, looking for a sunshine to brighten up your dull day? Call It Off is the answer!

Find out more about Call It Off : Official Website | Facebook



While hardcore/metal is being very popular these days, it’s not easy to make a mark and stand out from the others. With dozens of bands emerging every year, the choice can be too overwhelming, but let me help you with this.
Formed in 2011, this british band has a quality EP, ‘Simple Days’, under their belt, that sounds pretty accomplished for a debut release from such young people. Their music, resulting of various influences from melodic to more metal hardcore, in addition to interesting lyrics, is matured and well executed. Most of all, it’s already holding a trademark, showing that In Archives are ahead of a lot of things for such a young band. The amount of work the british are putting in their releases takes on its full meaning during their performances, that showed a lot of progress over the year. In fact, the improvement between their first european tour early 2014 with Climates and their summer run with 68′ later in the year was obvious and In Archives, despite being shy are still delightful to watch. The band has recently released a brand new single Lost Cause, that offers a foretaste of what we should be expecting form them in 2015 and it seems like it should be a great one for them!




Currently unsigned band Royal/Revise consists of L.J Fickenworth, responsible for singing, Devin Eisenman on drums, Alex Skraba on bass and Hunter Sheatz on guitar. Formed early 2012 they released their first song Lifeless and since then their music has improved greatly. They have improved their skills since then and their music has definitely become more moving and more technical. Royal/Revise wants their new music to be appreciated as art and at the rate they are going right now that definitely does not look like a problem. They’re one of those bands you should check out before the end of this year, as they have a few things in stock for us in 2015. Royal/Revise recently put out a new EP ‘Advent’ which we will review very soon on Plug-In! These guys put their heart and soul into every thing they do and it can definitely be heard in their music so if you’re desperately looking for a new band to obsess over; this is it! You will not be disappointed!

Words : Skye D. 

Find out more about Royal / Revise: Website | Facebook



Sweden has always been a great land for music, from Abba to Europe (or In Flames to Sabaton if you prefer…), swedish rock bands rarely disappoint. Cedron is for us one of the country’s best kept secrets, when it comes to alternative music. There’s something that quickly caught our attention in this band, which is their strong commitment to various political and social causes. This passion for topics that have an important meaning to them fuels their music, very close to modern hardcore that they love to perform everywhere in the world. In fact, this hard working band has been relentlessly touring all over the world ever since they released their EP ‘Watching The Sun Turn Pitch Black’, in 2012. Their most recent release, ‘Chased By Shades’ is an excellent compilation of both captivating and entertaining songs, filled with passion and strength. As they say, “CEDRON is a cry for those without voice, life in a dying genre, and a legacy in the making.” Right now, Cedron are quiet, maybe working on new stuff somewhere around their town of Söderhamn and maybe they’ll announce some more touring. One thing for sure, we can’t wait to hear from them!

Find out more about Cedron : Bandcamp | Facebook

 PS : Watch this space, we will introduce them to you in more details very, very soon.


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