2015 in Review : Albums of the Year #4 – Roxy

It’s that time of the year again! 2015 has definitely been a good year for music and once again, we want to share with you our highlights of this eventful year 2015. Here’s the fourth installment of our Albums of the Year series.

11150951_863934420332314_4021162483631669402_nNECK DEEP – LIFE’S NOT OUT TO GET YOU

Impossible to end 2015 without mentioning « Life’s Not Out To Get You », Neck Deep’s latest album out last Summer. The welsh completely stole my heart with this one and proved us they were ready to take over the pop/punk scene…And succeeded! Neck Deep gave us real pop/punk tunes like Serpents, Citizen Of Earth, Rock Bottom, or Gold Steps making this album top level. “Life’s Not Out To Get You” shows how the band has evolved from its previous releases and honestly not a single song on this album is a bad choice. Although it’s been out for a while now, it doesn’t get any less perfect, on the contrary.



Simple. If you haven’t heard it yet and want some new jams, go check this one out. I’d never really paid attention to Boston Manor until they dropped “Saudade” a few weeks back and boy, was it a mistake. Ever since my ears found  Trapped Nerve, the EP is on repeat. It’s composed of 4 songs and all of them are absolute bangers. It’s a classic Pop/Punk EP as it offers the perfect combo of feels/ loud music and we can already feel the powerfulness each song would get, live. With Saudade, the English boys did a killer job and Gone perfectly sums up of all what 2015 brought up to me. Too many damn feels.


11217576_10153250672855664_3531449554861328147_nOUR LAST NIGHT – YOUNGER DREAMS

After a very successful EP – “Oak Isand” a couple years back, Our Last Night finally came back with a new album right on time for the Summer. The guys released “Younger Dreams” in June and although it is not as dark or “heavy” as their previous releases, the band’s dynamic still works. With a lot of touring and covers such as Blank Space, Can’t Feel My Face or more recently Drag Me Down Our Last Night sees its fanbase grow bigger each time. “Younger Dreams” is a beautiful album and keeps at heart the band’s sound, still with different styles of songs. “Younger Dreams” has been played on repeat all summer, even more during my US roadtrip and I’m very proud of what they’ve accomplished with this new album; it was worth the wait. Must tracks: Home, Road To The Throne, Barricades, Forgotten Souls and White Tiger.


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