2016 In Review : Albums Of The Year #1 (Alma)

2016 has been, to say the least, a bloody wild ride. We laughed, cried (a lot), got angry, and so on — however for music, it’s been a really good one. Picking just a few releases at the end of the year is always a hard task, but this year brought us too many amazing releases to count! Nonetheless, we still had to make our choices, and you can read why we chose them below.



If the transition between If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You.. and DVP alone doesn’t make you put ‘The Dream Is Over’ on a list like this one, then I will — in all seriousness though, past the self depreciating lyrics over catchy music that are my personal #brand, ‘The Dream Is Over’ spoke to me for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s lyrics about not being able to stand the sight of someone you spent a lot of time with or trying to make it in the shark infested swimming pool they call the music industry (which truly isn’t for the faint of heart), the singalongs from me on this one throughout the year always came from the heart. Also, music videos that include dogs.



It’s no secret : I like unglamorous, lyrically authentic music with a sprinkle of pissed off. Martha do that very well with their Punk Rock tinted Pop, and so I’ve spent countless days in the company of ‘Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart’ since it came out this summer. Life is fucking ridiculous these days, and it can be hard to navigate it, but Martha somehow manage to make that seem optimistic. And also because I too, have felt like an unexpected item in life’s bagging area more than once. 



I’ve written a lot about Modern Baseball this year, so it feels like there’s nothing left for me to say — that being said, it’s not due to the album being low on stuff to talk about. For me, though, this came as a tipping point in my 2016 ; Brendan Lukens talking openly about mental health gave me hope, so did Just Another Face, the album’s closing track. Now at the end of the year, I don’t see things as positive as I did then, but that’ll come back in time. I’m not the same as I was, but that’s cool, whatever.



G.L.O.S.S. — Trans Day of Revenge (yes, I know this is an EP. Don’t @ me.) / JOYCE MANOR — Cody / THE HOTELIER — Goodness / NERVUS — Permanent Rainbow / BRAND NE– oh wait.


I want to be a journalist when I become an adult. When I’m not listening to sad bands or ranting about feminism, I do embroidery and watch Parks And Recreation.

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