2017 in Review – Albums of The Year — Part III

2017 has flown by it seems, and with the end of, here is the first part of the records that we enjoyed the most this year. Here are our albums of the year.

ONSIND – We Wilt, We Bloom

Being busy with both life and their other project Martha, ONSIND’s third full-length ‘We Wilt, We Bloom’ has been a while in the making—and along the way, the political landscape has changed from grim to worse. The northern duo returned this year as politically fed up as ever, armed this time with drums in addition to their usual acoustic sound, and boy does it drive it home.
I’ve always loved ONSIND for how much I could relate to their anger, but ‘We Wilt, We Bloom’ played on a different field entirely for me —  the first single Immature summed up my year with “it seems to me the one thing that unites my friends is that we all just want to fucking die” and I found myself thinking they got way too real too fast on Loyalty Festers as they recounted a tale of ditching activities to hide traces of abuse.

All in all, though, it’s comforting to know in a bastard of a year there are still bands to hold on to. So long live ONSIND, and fuck the Tories forever.


Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes

There are very few records that I’ve listened to consistently this year, but ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’ clearly is a winner. Released 11 months ago, it’s still blasting on my speakers almost every day. As much as it feels like this album has been with me forever, I still rediscover it regularly. With each listen come new feelings, as new elements are revealed. This is what I enjoy about music and here lies Ocean Grove‘s strength, whose creativity they channeled brilliantly. The Australians managed to create a world of they own; an “Odd World” which only showcases their ambition as young music-makers and artists. On top of that, their DIY ethic serves them well and allows them to take full control in shaping up their troubling identity and I’m all for this. At the crossroads of genres and styles, I don’t think I can ever describe ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’, but one thing for sure : it satisfies all my cravings for music.


Machine Gun Kelly – Bloom

This isn’t guitar music at all, but since we’re here to discuss our favorite music of the year, it only seems fair for me to mention this one. According to Spotify, MGK was my number 1 artist and 4 songs of this album made it to  my top 10 songs of the year. It is clear that the direction he chose for this record is a little more guitar infused (which is even more obvious when ou see MGK live) then ‘Lace Up’ or even ‘General Admission’, but many of his influences happen to be on the heavy side of music, after all. ‘Bloom’ somehow speaks to me in the way that it’s simple, yet effective and tells stories many of us twenty-somethings of 2017 can relate to. Collaborations on this record are also successes, such as the sultry Bad Things (featuring Camila Cabello) or the lively Go For Broke (with James Arthur.)
Lasting a little less than an hour, “bloom” is never boring and easily catches you in the moment.



Trapped Under Ice – Heatwave

Needless to say that Trapped Under Ice‘s much awaited return has left many listeners…confused. More strength and heaviness were probably expected from this powerhouse of hardcore music after 10 years release-free, but TUI will always do whatever they want and this 11-minute album (yes, it’s a full length) is the result. As far as I’m concerned, the shimmery textures added to the band’s very heavy base is all I needed in the summer (‘Heatwave’ was released in July) and I enjoyed the sounds that obviously sounded to me like Turnstile-meets-Angel-Du$t-yet-still-Trapped-Under-Ice (after all, they’re all the same guys.) Plus, I can confirm that Trapped Under Ice still have everything everyone’s always loved about them on stage and this includes these new songs. So yes, ‘Heatwave’ is definiely a record I’ve been listening to a lot (it only occupies about 11minutes of my day, after all.)


Honourable mentions include :

While She Sleeps – You Are We || Dayseeker – Dreaming is Sinking || Milk Teeth‘s both EPs Go Away and Be Nice || Resolve – Reverie || Dear Seattle – Dear Seattle || Super American – Disposable||68 – Two Parts Viper || Young Lions – Mr Spaceman

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