2017 in Review – Albums of The Year — Part II

2017 has flown by it seems, and with the end of, here is the first part of the records that we enjoyed the most this year. Here are our albums of the year. 

CREEPER – Eternity, In Your arms

If you didn’t hear about Creeper this year, where on earth were you hiding? The Southampton “punk” band released their awaited debut full length this year. I typed punk with quotation marks because for me it’s quite hard to define what Creeper is. Because with their fans, they created an atmosphere that goes beyond than just the music. They call it it a cult. Here’s why this album is the number one release of 2017 :

On the one hand, the stories that the band tells through the record are powerful and involve different characters, including those who saw the light in the band’s previous EPs. Creeper have been developing a dark, emotional and marvelous universe around those stories ever since. Furthermore, what makes me hooked to this record, is the uniqueness of each song, of their melodies. This album has the power to make you smile, cry then feel good again, no matter what you’re going through in your personal life. A promise made in the dark, that despite all the shitty stuff you can encounter in your life, you’ll choose to live (see what I did here?) Go listen to this album right now if you haven’t yet and join the Callous Heart!


VUKOVI – Vukovi

I fell in love with this band within seconds, back in July, when we released the “Heat Wave” playlist and La Di Da was the lead track. I knew I would love the whole album in the blink of an eye and I was right.

With that said, I’d like to focus on one song; Weirdo, because of its message. It’s almost 2018 and teenagers are still victims of bullying. It moves me because I was 11 the first time I was bullied at school and I had to deal with this every day for 4 years before it stopped. At this time, music was a shelter, but I can’t really remember a song that talked about this when I needed it the most. 15 years later, bullying is sadly still a thing. But I’m glad bands like Vukovi bring it up in their music and empower the youth. It does help, you are not alone and you are not the problem.
The band recently toured with PVRIS, and I was lucky enough to see them perform. I didn’t expect them to be THAT great live, the songs are even more powerful on stage. Overall, I highly recommend you to go listen to Vukovi because this album is an absolute 10/10 for me!


Paramore – After Laughter

I’m probably biased because Paramore is one of my all-time favourite bands, but I do love ‘After Laughter’.
When the track Hard Times first came out, I played it on repeat for hours; it made me feel so happy. This album is wonderful and any song on it can make you feel like dancing. On the surface, the record is this new groovy, disco, retro and pop sound the band has found. It is interesting because even if it holds some sort of a 1980s trademark, all the sounds are modern and polished and every instrument completes the other.

I always like to discover an album step by step; I listen to the music first, then I read and listen carefully to the lyrics. If you do this with ‘After Laughter’, you end up noticing a duality between the happy music and the sad lyrics, which makes the album even more beautiful. Although it deals with a lot of different topics, the whole point of the album, is to show that in all the heartache you might encounter, you can still embrace positivity, feel good and be you. “It’s okay not to be okay” and “I ain’t gonna smile if I don’t want to” (Rose-Coloured Boy is my favourite track of the album so far.) “After Laughter” makes you realise that even in the darkness, you can add colours wherever you want in your life. This album may be totally different from what Paramore was doing before but changes like these can only do good!


Words : Jeb Benard. 



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