2017 in Review : Bands to Watch — Part I

We are back with the infamous  year in review series and this time, we would like to introduce to you some growing bands we have especially enjoyed in 2017. These are also bands we do believe have bright days ahead of them and bands that you will probably hear from next year! Here are the first three of the series.


Let’s just say 2017 was far from a year off for Microwave. Fresh off the release of their sophomore album ‘Much Love’ (in September 2016), the band has toured the world almost non-stop with the likes of Big Jesus, Real Friends, Creeper etc., both headlining and opening, plus a well-noticed spot on Vans Warped Tour all summer long. In the process, the “adult mid-tempo contemporary rock from Atlanta, GA” (as seen in their Instagram bio) has won over an even larger fanbase with their huge hooks and brutally honest storytelling. It’s just very very hard not to catch feelings for Microwave. So if you haven’t heard of them yet, we suggest you get with the program before they tour with The Dangerous Summer as well as Jimmy Eat World next year and take over the industry.

Here are some tips to jump on the bandwagon: their recent Audiotree session and the increasingly intense video for “Vomit”


Sleep On It

Around in the always-boiling Chicago music scene for a while now, busy releasing great EPs, Sleep On It has been an underdog for way too long. Part of this category of bands that has clearly been underrated, Sleep On It seems to have turned the tables in 2017 with their impeccable debut LP ‘Overexposed’, released in November. ‘Overexposed’ is the kind of record that takes you by surprise and completely blows you away, yet another proof that we have been under-estimating the Chicagoans for way too long. They look like a group of super likeable guys, but definitely aren’t messing around when it comes to infectious, comforting yet sensible pop punk. We’ll spare you the obvious joke about sleeping on Sleep On It but seriously, don’t do that.

Check out the “The Warriors”-inspired video for Fireworks (featuring that Derek DiScanio dude that you might have heard of) and their goofy, down-to-earth social media presence.

Words : Gaëlle Pitrel


Tired Lion 

It seems like Australia is densely populated with talented people doing music. Tired Lion are some of these people and they have released their debut album “Dumb Days” in September 2017. If you like grunge-garagy kind of stuff then you’ll like them. Every song they have released between this record and their 2 previous EPs is the perfect soundtrack to your lazy Sunday, your road trip along the coast and your evening release. The moods swing between soft and quiet, with soft vocals and heavy guitars, and Sophie Hopes (Vocals & Guitars) always performs her magic, until the songs take you to the unexpected; the raw and the unknown. The whole band knows how to play with these different dynamics in their songs, with a nice balance, it’s just the way it is meant to be and it seems effortless. It’s even more palpable in “Dumb Days”, but maybe the fact that Luke Boerdam from Violent Soho has produced it has something to do with it…Go listen to Tired Lion right now and don’t forget to watch their videos,  you will be glad to go on a journey with them!

Words : Jeb Benard.

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