2019 in review: Albums of the Year Part IV

 2019 has flown by it seems, and it’s been a very prolific one for music. With so many records out this year, we’ll be sharing with you daily our favorites, throughout the holiday period. Those that held a special place in our hearts as individuals and music lovers. The year in review series is now officially launched and here’s the fourth installment of ‘Albums of the Year’!

Harry Styles – Fine Line

‘Fine Line’ only came out a couple weeks ago but I already have listened to it probably as much as any other record this year. This record displays colors at a different part of the spectrum from its self titled predecessor.  While the singer’s debut album was a tint heavier and more powerful, ‘Fine Line’ sounds more cheerful, upbeat and has a lighter vibe to it. The music has you feeling as if you’re afloat on a sweet cloud, just as much as you could taste the sweetness merely by reading through the tracklist’s titles: Golden, Watermelon Sugar or Cherry. And it is probably this exact sweetness that has compelled me to listen to it over and over again; a brighter side of the world that we fail to see sometimes and love being reminded of. With this record, our imagination wandered and we felt like Harry Styles was walking us through some transition of his own, portraying his own journey of having to step out of a shadow casted by his former band One Direction into the light where he’s in search of  his true self, his true essence. Fine Line’ sounds like an invigorating and liberating album. – Y.F

Recommended tracks: Golden, Watermelon Sugar, Cherry


Selfish Things – Logos

‘Logos’ is one of those records whose beauty captivates from first listen. I knew I was up to something, as soon as I heard the first notes of Flood. The whole album builds up from there and takes you through an emotional journey between darkness and light, pure joy then anger, without ever letting you down. It deals with real-life experiences and issues you can relate to. “See, you are not alone there”, it screams. Tracks such as Floods, Pride, Hole and Rowen are quickly going to become your favorite rock anthems, while surrounding other good surprises, such as Spencer Chamberlain’s (Underoath) appearance on Torn. There’s nothing overmuch and Selfish Things seem to have found the perfect balance for this much awaited full length. This album is poignant and impressing by its versatility in both vocals and music. You’ll certainly find yourself murmuring a few choruses, even though all 11 tracks on the record are actual hits. I am very glad Selfish Things, led by Alex Biro took the time they needed to put this gem together and I am sure it will follow me for a while! – M.B

Recommended tracks: Pride, Rowen, Flood

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