2019 in Review: Albums of the Year – Part V

 2019 has flown by it seems, and it’s been a very prolific one for music. With so many records out this year, we’ll be sharing with you daily our favorites, throughout the holiday period. Those that held a special place in our hearts as individuals and music lovers. The year in review series is now officially launched and here’s the final installment of ‘Albums of the Year’!

The Maine – You Are OK

For some reason this album hasn’t been really discussed this year, yet, it’s probably one of the best bodies of work of 2019. It is also an important one, which marks a new era in The Maine’s story.
‘You are OK’ is the sunshine that we all need in this strange phase of our lives, the one where we have to acknowledge our adulthood. Because yes; The Maine have grown with their listeners as a family or as friends of more or less the same generation: They’ve been emo together, they’ve been punks together, they’ve been sad together, then happy together.  ‘You Are OK’ is the statement for this: we’ve done this together and the next chapter is just gonna be as fine. Perhaps this is what maturity sounds like?
« So when fate cries, you listen / And flowers on the grave of the child that I used to be » – Flowers on the Grave
This record is overall bright and shiny, with a stint of melodic soundscapes that seem to highlight some sort of nostalgia. This is an album that I’ve been listening to several mornings in the winter, when I was too overwhelmed with life. . Maybe this album isn’t the masterpiece anyone going through AOTY lists would expect, but it’s a beautiful record and it’s soothing. Between poetic lyrics and positive energy, it makes an essential product to everyone out believing in the power of music as a therapy and as a life companion. ‘You are OK’ definitely boosts confidence and this year, I’ve been thankful for this record and thankful for The Maine. – M.B
Recommended tracks: My Best Habit, Numb Without You, Tears Don’t Cry

YONAKA – Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow

The first time I heard of British band Yonaka was when they opened for Bring Me The Horizon and I was hooked right after the first song. The blend of alternative rock and pop, topped with the very unique voice of lead singer Theresa Jarvis is on full display on their latest ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow’, their debut album. When the music goes on the heavier side, Theresa Jarvis has the ability to soften everything by transforming her vocal style and when it’s time for lead guitarist George Edwards to be more technical and calm, she goes full punk with more anarchy in her vocal approach. Yonaka is a force to be reckoned with and I won’t be surprised if they end up having a bigger impact internationally. ‘Don’t Wait ‘til Tomorrow’ can definitely take them to places. – M.H
Recommended tracks: Bad Company, Punch Bag, Creature

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