5 Singer-songwriters you need to know #3

A touching voice, a story to tell, that’s what most of the singers have in common. However, what makes them stand out individually, as songwriters and take it one step further is the way they embody their stories. It is obvious that creatives draw inspiration from their own daily experiences, nothing revolutionary about it. The difference is that some artists know how to make you feel things And that is what we are looking for. In the myriad of music we get to discover, some artists remarkably distinguished themselves and we want to tell you about them. You will find below singer-songwriters who are currently setting themselves as promising figures in music.


There’s something fascinating about young lyricists. They are often extremely talented, yet, have this ability to not take themselves too seriously. Perhaps it’s because of the candor and the freshness that come from their youth. Whatever the reason, it raises an interesting duality between lightness in the sounds and brutal depth in the lyrics. This is the case of Cavetown (aka Robin), whose mischievousness can make you smile as fast as his words would hit you like a bus. At only 19, Cavetown makes relatable music (“bedroom alternative”, in his own words) and dashes off into a cute, funny and reassuring world, far away from reality. Isn’t that where everyone wants to hide, after all? Check out Cavetown‘s album ‘Lemon Boy’, as well as his recent 4-track EP ‘Dear.’


Billie Marten

The fragile beauty and delicacy emerging from Billie‘s voice only call for escapism. It’s precious and almost sacred. It’s yours and only yours. As she tackles very personal thoughts and troubles many young people her age encounter, the singer has the power to actually take you on this very intimate reunion with yourself. Billie Marten‘s lyricism is devastatingly beautiful. Life is challenging and leaves most of us to think about our purpose in this World and this is where the young artist is headed: finding her own power and helping her listeners do the same. Behind seemingly fragile musical compositions blossom unexpected depth and power. Billie Marten has recently released Mice, her first song in 2 years and it’s hard to believe the young lady is only 19.



It’s common knowledge that Nashville is the epicenter for music and songwriting. Not failing its historical reputation, Music City has recently brought to us SONTALK and we should talk about him. What if you could in only 3 tracks find a reassuring companion through your journey in life? What if these 3 same tracks could challenge your emotions and highlight the humanity in you? Through an uplifting indie rock, topped by a plaintive, endearing voice, SONTALK‘s 2018 debut EP ‘ACT I’ was built around this very idea of empathy. A dear feeling to the singer’s heart. The record may be very short, but it has ticked all the boxes of what we are looking for in a musical release in this vein. There’s storytelling and there’s delicacy, then light. In case you’ve been wondering: yes, SONTALK (aka Joseph LeMay), lives up to the reputation of his hometown.



Waxahatchee is the alias of singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield, who after a few years officing in bands has decided to move forward with her own project under the name of Waxahatchee. An album was released last year and sounds like a soundtrack to your next road trip through America’s most impressive landscapes. In fact, there’s a grandeur in Katie’s voice that immediately takes anyone who listens on a voyage. But there’s also tenderness because Waxahatchee wants to treat you with care. The music feels therefore empowering, making anything possible. Now backing herself with a solid band, Waxahatchee is the breath of fresh air we need these days and we urge you to give her a listen!


Billy Raffoul

If melancholia had a face, it would be Billy’s. His talent is obvious but the Canadian singer and songwriter progressed and earned significant experience on stage. Billy Raffoul‘s signature gritty voice and heartfelt melodies make a perfect soulesque modern rock and roll and he’s wise about it. Performing live is the fuel of his identity and the reason why his music sounds so raw and authentic. Having only released a debut EP this year, the singer has often been compared to Neil Young and Jeff Buckley. It is flattering but he’s certainly not getting distracted and focuses on creating work that is genuine. More material should be released in a near future, but for now, we continue to sit tight and enjoy the ‘1975’ EP, eh?





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