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ABOVE THE NORTH – European Tour Diaries #1

© Gaëlle Pitrel, Nov 2015
© Gaëlle Pitrel, November 2015

If you’ve been paying attention to this space lately, you’d probably  heard of Lyon based Above The North. This is a band we’ve been following closely over the past year, or so and they have just embarked on their first proper tour in the continent. We are definitely watching and supporting them on this adventure, so check out this first story, where Robin (bass) tells us about Above The North‘s first two days on the road!

November 3rd : Lyon (FR) -> Manderschied (DE)

“First day of our first ‘real tour’. After painfully loading our way too little van and fixing some unavoidable last minute issues, here we are on the road to our first stop. Which is actually not a show, as the one we had planned fell off. The second one being pretty far from our hometown, we decided to leave one day early and find a place to stay for the night. Our saviour is Michi, an awesome german dude running a website called VanityCore (german friends, check it out!) who offered us awesome beds in a huge and beautiful house. A couple of beers, german football and some music talk later, we’re off to bed and ready to go the first show of our tour in Münster, Germany with Shields from the UK.”


© Gaëlle Pitrel, November 2015


© Gaëlle Pitrel, November 2015

November 4th – Münster (DE)

“We arrive right after 4pm in a big venue surrounded by night clubs, other concert rooms and such. Shields are already setting up on stage, everyone says hi to each other and discussions start spreading. This is the first day of tour for both bands and you can definitely feel the excitement everywhere! David, the promoter arrives shortly after, and it’s our turn to soundcheck. This run of shows is kind of special for us because this is the first time we use some brand new gear, and a computer on stage so I’m glad we got the time to properly set up because last minute linechecks can be a pain when it comes to this kind of things.

Once soundcheck is done, Shields’ tour manager shows us the “Ninja” game -that we already knew but had no idea it was popular outside of France. The third band playing that night, Artemis Rising from Hamburg arrives, sets up and joins us backstage just in time for dinner. Once again german hospitality doesn’t disappoint, everything is delicious and everyone in the green room is filled with lasagna and vegetables.

We’re on at 20:50. Our set runs smoothly, the venue isn’t really packed but everyone seems to have a good time, plus the size of the stage allows us to move just as much as we want which is a cool change from the basement shows we’re used to!

Shields is up next, but they have an issue with their bass which will lead them to play as a four piece instead of five, but they nailed it anyway. British bands are always a joy and a lesson to watch on stage, as everything they do seems effortless.

Time to load out, David the promoter waits for us at his appartment where we stay for the night. Wake up call is early tomorrow, we have a big drive to go back to France. Tomorrow, we’re playing Nancy.”

© Gaëlle Pitrel, November 2015
© Gaëlle Pitrel, November 2015
© Gaëlle Pitrel, November 2015



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