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Affidavit – Abducted : A Summery Encounter with UFO hunters

© Louis Dazy

It’s Sunday morning and by that I mean 2:30pm in the morning (yes) and I have just dragged my lazy self outside because with summer days and heat and sunshine, regrets are always lurking when you don’t do shit on the weekend and feel trapped again on Monday.

Anyway, we’re in July and I’m on my way to shopping – or at least daydreaming about spending all the money I don’t have. And it’s still a good day and I’m in a good mood but incredibly alone, because this is the life I have chosen. That’s where music come into play. Music is and has always been a huge deal in my life and I’ll be forever thankful for it. I love so many kinds of music, I really do. But everyone also knows that my soft spot will always go to guitar music, because I’m a rocker at heart and my mom still thinks this is so dark and I will burn in hell for it, but what can I say?

I have pressed play on Affidavit’s « Abducted » EP about 10 minutes ago and noticed my mood is still top notch even though I have plunged myself into the dark alleys of the Parisian metro. On a Sunday. And it’s currently 29 degrees C outside.

«Wearing blinders won’t make things better » says a voice in my headphones.

Ever heard of Affidavit? If you’re familiar with the Parisian alt rock « scene », you’ve probably at least caught them at one of these punk shows in 2019, when live music was still thriving. Or on one Of these meticulously curated pop/punk/rock playlists on your favorite streaming platform. Or maybe you still haven’t? In that case, you might want to know that Affidavit is a 4-piece alt-rock band from Paris, who have been around for a couple years now. Drawing from various influences, they embody the DIY spirit, producing their music and creating their visuals, including music videos all by themselves.

17minutes in- Here comes Canvas already that I don’t recall hearing before and my ears enjoy that and I want to sing it with them. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Doug singing stripped back stuff that way or at least not for this band. If my memory serves me well, he used to post cover songs on his personal channel back in the day (He still releases solo stuff), so you might want to check that if you’re into cool songs sung calmly with only a guitar.

© Lucas Pastor


There are some sounds and lines I really do know from time to time, but it’s not a surprise if it sounds familiar because these are tracks that have already been released separately before. However, what we didn’t know is that it would be eventually part of a really well-thought and greatly crafted body of work.
«Abducted» really belongs to this bigger thing, the end product being a short movie. I wish more artists spent time imagining like this. Creativity in music, associated with compelling and dreamy imagery is in my opinion successful when it gives the ability to travel and escape. As musicians and on a broader scale, artists, thinking further Is crucial and makes all the difference. Affidavit really did that when I didn’t expect them to.

All year long, they slowly unveiled singles, with accompanying music videos, each one of them telling a story, each one of them being pretty inventive. Because I didn’t really pay attention at the beginning, it took me a while to understand that these were all connected and actually part of a big puzzle. Which turned out to be a nice surprise. It definitely sparked my interest and curiosity so when everything was out, I had fun re-discovering everything from scratch and immerse myself in their oddly fun universe. It comes in handy in times like this year of 2020, where we are all a bit disconcerted and we are all looking for some escapism and ways to get rid of boredom.

Overall Affidavit provide the listener with an experience. It’s also refreshing to know we have such cool creatives locally in music and it’s a proof that everything doesn’t happen only in America or in the Uk. We tend to look out for the next trends in all those places we’ve been taught to dream about and it doesn’t help the locals be taken seriously or even be noticed. It’s our duty To help this ecosystem grow and subsist and now more than ever! Do your part and check out Affidavit’s « Abducted »


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