Album Review: Across All Oceans – Homegrown

HomegrownThe weather in the UK might be cold and rainy right now, but things are looking brighter already because Middlesbrough’s Across All Oceans have got the perfect soundtrack for the grey skies above. ‘Homegrown’ is the sophomore EP from the emo pop punk quintet, and packs a heavy punch that’s sure to keep these tracks bouncing round your head for days.

Everywhere But Home will set the record straight from the get-go: this is a pop punk EP, and a raw one at that—but in the best way. The emotions here are real, rough-and-ready, and the very essence of homegrown. When Permanence kicks in, it keeps the rugged feel but is a real pop punk anthem, complete with semi-upbeat riffs, a fast-paced drum pattern that will make you want to grab your skateboard and ride off into the sunset, and lyrics like “I just wanna be remembered for something” that will strike more chords than the guitarists.

Across All Oceans are the UK’s answer to Real Friends, but with a heavier edge (and less of a tendency for acoustic guitars) that somehow endears you to them, and by the time Monophobia hits you’ll be ready to stand by their side and chant the band’s defiant lyrics into the night. Title track Homegrown is the song for anyone who has ever felt lost while all their friends are moving on, capturing the sense of being left behind, in a brutally honest way. Ending on their heaviest track, Eston Square closes the EP with dark fury, a sound that is sure to turn the quietest of crowds into a mosh pit.

‘Homegrown’ will leave you probably slightly more worked up than when you started, but you’ll also feel like you’ve worked through a bunch of issues alongside the band at the same time, just by listening. And in just five songs, man—it’s way cheaper (and better sounding) than therapy.



Across All Oceans – ‘Homegrown’

Release: 22.2.16

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