Album Review: August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places

ABR_Found In Far Away Places_coverAmerican metalcore band August Burns Red are back with their sixth album, ‘Found in Far Away Places’ which follows up ‘Rescue & Restore’ (2013). Since 2003 they have evolved into one of the biggest names worldwide in the metal scene continuously perfecting and evolving their own sound. They’ve shared stages across the globe with the likes of Lamb Of GodBring Me The HorizonA Day To Remember, they headlined the Vans Warped Tour in 2013, they even covered Miley CyrusWrecking Ball, if you haven’t heard of these guys before you have definitely been living under a rock.

‘Found in Far Away Places’ contains 11 tracks and opens up with The Wake which is a heavy, pulsating, headbanger of a track. Upon first hearing The Wake I couldn’t help but focus all my attention on Matt Greiner’s drum skills, they’re dynamic, on point, pretty much all you could ever want out of drums.

Moving on to Identity, now this track has lyrics I’m pretty sure most of us can relate to, and Jake Luhr’s vocals are something I’ll never get tired of hearing. Can we also take a moment to appreciate all the guitar work in this song, I need a minute.

Ghosts has one of the most haunting and mesmerizing intros I have ever heard and immediately sets the note for the rest of the song, once again needing a full minute to appreciate the guitars but also vocals, drums and bass and pretty much every single aspect. Also if you’re into Jeremy McKinnon’s voice, you should definitely listen to this song because well, he features on it. Please just do yourself a favor and look up the lyrics, they’re so incredibly good!

I can honestly say I’ve never heard a song like Majoring in Minors before, I mean that switch though, have a good listen and you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about, you’ll find yourself in a western movie for a good minute. This is one of the most intriguing songs I’ve ever heard.

Once you get to Blackwood you may find yourself thinking there’s been a mix up and they put another artists song on the album because unlike all other songs this starts out flowy and light but then all of a sudden bam, there it is, it’s heavy again but some of that lightness continues on throughout the complete song. My favorite part has got to be the intro, because it’s so foreign.

Vanguard is the closing track for ‘Found in Far Away Places’ and upon first hearing it I know that this is going to be one of those live-songs for me. If you’ve read some of my reviews before then you’ll know that on each album I’ve reviewed so far there’s at least one song I’m dying to see live, just to be able to see the crowds reaction, interaction. On this album, Vanguard is that song.

As I’ve said before ‘Found in Far Away Places’ features 11 tracks and I’ve given you my thoughts about 6 of them, you must now go and discover how you feel about the rest yourself.
If you’re in need for some good music or a change of scenery for a bit, give this album a chance, I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

I rate ‘Found in Far Away Places’ 8 out of 10 pizza slices!




August Burns Red – ‘Found in Far Away Places’
June 25th – Fearless Records

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