Album Review: Forever Came Calling – What Matters Most

In times where it’s hard for pop-punk bands to stand out, quartet Forever Came Calling live up to a refreshing but still old-school sound on their newest album ‘What Matters Most’ which was released on the 21st of October through Pure Noise Records.


‘So alone that it just makes sense, finding out now what love truly is. I buried the weight but the debt still exists and the insterest rates are closing in.’ When lyrics like that are an opener on a record and you are already into pop-punk, it definetely gets your attention in an instant. Well, that’s exactly how this record is. It catches your ears and doesn’t let go. From the first till the fourth song, August Is Home, Mapping With A Sense Of Direction, Substances and Defenseless, the record takes you on a trip with uptempo melodies, sweet guitar riffs and lyrics you’ll look up on the internet because you just need to get them right.

Now, what is a pop-punk album without a catchy slow song? Yup, indeed. The sixth song Endangered Innocence is that song you play on repeat the whole time. The roughness in Joe Candelaria’s voice is just… But I’m not gonna give away about this song too much just yet.

The next and last four songs on the album, Indebted, Rather Be Dead Than Cool, Spanish Mothers (I Wish) and Wish You Well, are those songs you listen to on a long summer night where you just got too drunk and feel like dancing around like no one is watching and singing along like you could be the next American Idol.

The only thing I can say is that Joe, John, Bryce and Taylor really nailed it. And if I had to describe this record in one word it would be: eargasm!



Forever Came Calling – ‘What Matters Most’
Released: 21st of October via Pure Noise Records


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