Album Review : Mallory Knox – Asymmetry

10409467_10152988697037907_3553755928391418840_nIn a few of years only, Mallory Knox has became a force to reckon with in the british musical landscape. The band has been around just for five years now, but they have came out strong since their beginnings, when they released the ‘Pilot’ EP. You can feel that the band has a certain musical maturity and clear vision of where they want to go. And to be honest, we were a bit skeptical about how this album could get any better than its predecessor, as ‘Signals’ was a bit of a masterpiece. But trust Mallory Knox and they will blow your mind.

Well, ‘Asymmetry’ has it all.  Energy, softness and power, the power to make you travel and get out of your routine, but most of all, it has that sweet Mallory Knox trademark that builds up throughout the record. In songs such as Fire, Mikey Chapman’s powerful vocals will grab you by the guts and chest, like always and leave you breathless. The lyrics will give your world a whole new dimension and make you disconnect from everything surrounding you. Instrumentally, the guys have stepped up their game with even more layers, leading to a stronger indie/rock’n’roll (listen to The Remedy and Lonely Hours). Mallory Knox showcase here a multi-dimensional, epic sound.

Everything is mastered, every chorus in each song has its own dedication within the record, and nothing is left for chance. Furthermore, the whole record is driven by so many emotions: you’ll feel love and anger, you’ll find sadness, then hope. Mallory Knox knows exactly how to arouse feelings through every parcel of their songs, as they do in When Are We Waking Up? when the song becomes quieter for a few seconds and then pulls back again in a burst of energy.

Amongst the highlights of this album, Dying to Survive is a cleaver rock and roll-driven song that is probably the less “Mallory Knoxesque” track on the record, but with its epic final, what a great one! She Took Him To The Lake, is a seven-minute musical performance that sums up the whole album and band’s current essence, without being boring for a second. A personal favorite is Dare You, where the energy keeps raising before finally closing in style this great record. What’s amazingly surprising in ‘Asymmetry’ is that all of the 11 tracks are stand outs, which makes this album a success.

Bottom line, we don’t know who’s this person who’s inspiring most of these song, but all we can hope that they’ll be around for a long time and keep inspiring Mallory Knox to write such amazing songs.

Jokes aside, with ‘Asymmetry’, Mallory Knox have brilliantly succeeded in their sophomore album challenge. One thing for sure: this band can’t be overlooked anymore.




Mallory Knox – ‘Asymmetry’
Released : 27 October 2014

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