Album Review : No Devotion – Permanence

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 17.51.09After a year and a couple months of waiting, it is now time for No Devotion to unveil their highly anticipated debut ‘Permanence’… And finally, after playing their singles on repeat, we’re able to enjoy the full finished product, with an overwhelming sense of pride, and definitely a whole lot of emotions.

Permanence starts with the ethereal opening track Break, and not only does it make us want to close our eyes and let the music work its magic, it tells people what they’re in for : not Lostprophets, not Thursday, nothing else than No Devotion. The previously released Permanent Sunlight carries on with that spirit, and brings enormous live potential, meanwhile the incisive Eyeshadow is the release’s first bit of darkness. Jamie Oliver’s synth sounds huge, especially on Why Can’t I Be With You ; it brings a depth to the album without being overwhelming. It becomes clear ‘Permanence’ is a release full of raw, heartfelt emotion carried by Geoff Rickly’s vocals over powerful melodies— “dance music that you can’t dance to”, as he told NME in their track-by-track feature, and after spinning it a few times, this album will definitely grow on you.

The release embraces its darkness while letting go of it with Death Rattle, a stunning instrumental track written right at the birth of No Devotion, and the track that follows, 10,000 summers, is like the first ray of light after a long winter night ; rare, unique, and a moment we want to keep forever. The penultimate track Addition is, guitar wise, the sharpest song on the record, and we can feel our feet approach the ground again after floating in No Devotion‘s ethereal song for so long, but still not quite touch it. But closing track Grand Central clearly is ‘Permanence’ at its peak ; for almost seven minutes, it gives us the surreal feeling of being frozen in a single moment, like a surrealist new wave movie. The record ends on an eerie note and makes us want to do only one thing : press play again.

Overall, ‘Permanence’ is a magnificent release, and it’s as special as it is cathartic : we hadn’t heard something so full of raw emotion in a long time, and it truly is a wonderful example of resilience.



No Devotion – ‘Permanence’
Released 25.09.15 via Collect Records

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