Album Review : Surrender The Coast – Lost Souls

Lost Souls - Cover ArtSurrender The Coast are a four piece band from Leicester, UK. They play a brainy blend of chaotic metal, punk and hardcore, enhanced by viscerally melodic tones and returned this year with a brand new and hefty record called ‘Lost Souls’. Exploring the wounds of anger and fury, it’s definitely not a coincidence if the band chose that album title.

Kicking off in style with Aurora Skies, reminiscent of some place where Azriel could meet Demoraliser, Surrender The Coast immediately set the tone. It’s a great opening track, because it stirs up the listener’s curiosity, especially with the ‘take it backs” at the end of the song, that tell us there’s more to come. The next song, Lost Souls isn’t much different except that it increases the pace and gradually leans towards something messier, but still super catchy thanks to relentless drumming and efficient hooks. This song has a southern rock dimension, the kind of thing that Every Time I Die could do and it’s brilliantly executed. The aggressivity gets to a new level with the next track Dreamcatcher, which is probably one of the strongest on this record. It is heady and it won’t leave your mind for a while. It’s, however, with their most melodic tracks Thrones and A Blissful Ignorance that Surrender The Coast score golden points, as they display something slightly different and showcase a more touching and more haunting aspect of their work, where the intensity of the melancholic vocals will tear you apart. Just when you think the band gave out everything already, Southpaw heat things up again; between the savage introductive group vocals and the cutting riffs, that come to emphasize the punk side of Surrender The Coast.

This mini album lasts only 28 minutes, but it’s hectic. The Leicester  quartet created a straight-up record that acts as a steamroller effect. These guys are -without any doubt- good at what they do and if you’re into this genre of music it’s almost impossible not to like it. What’s also enjoyable about ‘Lost Souls’ is that most of the songs don’t really sound the same, which is refreshing, whereas the whole record positions itself somewhere between wildness and distress.
Furthermore, these guys are incredibly versatile and cover quite a large range of sounds, exploring different vibes and atmospheres and it’s gripping. Most of all, it’s difficult to imagine these tracks without a stage environment. It’s shaped for the live performances, especially when it comes to songs such as Dreamcatcher and Thrones, where guitars scoot from delicate to full blast. However, we couldn’t help but feel like Surrender The Coast still draw from various influences, but don’t necessarily develop their own thing to “the max”, we might say. This is an extremely talented and promising band and we can only hope they dare exploring themselves to the fullest for their next releases because they can obviously go really, really far.

Surrender The Coast will go on a european run this month, alongside Lock & Key and High Hopes and we strongly recommend you to go check them out!





Words : M&M

Surrender The Coast – “Lost Souls”
Released : February 22nd, 2015
Redfield Digital/Redfield Records

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