Album Review: Taking Back Sunday – Happiness Is


Since their last self-titled album release in 2011, it has been a bit quiet around Taking Back Sunday.
But now, the catching lyrics of this band are back more than ever! With their new and sixth album ‘Happiness Is’, they proved that they didn’t only evolved as a band, but also in their music. They left their big record label Warner Bros. Records and joined the Hopeless Records family. ‘Happiness Is’ is the band’s first record on an independent record label in approximatly 10 years.

‘Happiness Is’ isn’t an album you haven’t heard before. But still, when you are a fan of up-tempo choruses, soaring melodies and beautiful vocal hooks, this record is the perfect fit for you.

The first song is called Preface and is more an interlude for the album to start. It’s filled with string instruments and builds up to a certain kind of tension and curiousity, but why not just shorten it and combine it with the introduction of the second track?

Next to that, the album’s first single and second track from the album, Flicker, Fade, comes along. Except for the hoarse screams, this song takes you back to the old days of Taking Back Sunday. It starts quite heavy but builds up to a more calm melody with a lot of emotion in it.

Stood a chance on the other hand, makes you realise that they have developed a more alternative sound. Which sounds great and also proves they’re capable of handling different genres. Nothing At All closes the album with soft pieces driven by acoustic guitars and vocals who will give you chills down your spine.

‘Happiness Is’ is generally a very good album and definitely lives up to the expectations of the fans. Just so you know, if you ever get the chance to see Taking Back Sunday live, you shouldn’t doubt to go and check them out for a minute!

Text: Lana

TAKING BACK SUNDAY will be back in Europe for Groezrock 2014 in only a few weeks!



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