Album Review : The Amsterdam Red-Light District — Gone For A While

TARLDAre you ready for a hurricane? Hailing from Lyon, France, The Amsterdam Red-Light District are here to rock the airwaves with their mix of punk and hardcore, so you’d better not get in their way. With a couple of releases under their belt and a ton of touring experience all over Europe with the likes of Refused and Anti-Flag, this is a band with remarkable drive. And their new album ‘Gone For A While’ is poised to make your ears bleed, so buckle up.

With a dirty riff and an earth-shattering scream, Time Flies opens the album at breakneck speed, topped off with a towering solo that really showcases the sheer talent packed into just one band. Just Have A Good Time has just as much ferocity, but if you’re not too busy moshing along, you’ll notice artfully layered riffs over a punchy drumbeat which will make you realise all this chaos is planned down to the letter. And Million Miles Away isn’t much of a change, in tempo at least. Watch out for that pre-chorus—it’s like the calm before the storm, but you’ll be ready for the rain.

A Chance To Change keeps up the momentum, bringing echoes of Refused. “Finally someone let me out of my cage” is a fitting lyric for such a monster of a song—so get ready to rock without limits. The interlude Final Boarding Call slows things down just enough for the album to catch its breath, blending the sounds of an airport with a simple staccato melody, before turning up the heat and launching right into Gone For A While. This shows a softer side to the band, and has all the elements of a perfect driving song: endless riffs, a kickass solo to air guitar to, and that “I don’t know where we’re going / And if we will come home on time” feeling that makes for the best kind of road trips.

Behind Your Sunglasses is back on hardcore punk form, with These Kids Your Parents Warned You About following close behind—think lots of noise, a ton of screaming, and some fast-paced verses you can clap along to. Come Closer continues in the same vein, throwing in some well-timed distortion to give it a definite edge. Showing no signs of stopping, Set The World On Fire shows off Julien Chanel’s drumming skills, keeping the pace at full speed and ready to literally set the world on fire. Closing the album is Waiting For So Long which features Justin Schlosburg from Hell Is For Heroes, proving they’ve saved the best until last. His vocals contrast perfectly with Elio Sxone’s, and gives the band a renewed sense of energy to make sure the album goes out with a bang.

‘Gone For A While’ is what you might call controlled chaos. You’ll be left feeling completely wiped out, but in the best way possible, and that’s the greatest thing you can ask for from an album.



The Amsterdam Red-Light District – ‘Gone For A While’

Release: 26/11/14 via Red Light Records

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