Album Review : Set If Off – Duality

On the 14th of October, Set It Off will release their newest album ‘Duality’ through Equal Vision Records.
The album was recorded in Los Angeles with producers Brandon Paddock, Tommy English and Matt Appleton who have worked with some familiar names before such as Avril Lavigne, We Came As Romans and Goldfingers. ‘Duality’ includes eleven songs which will also feature guest vocalists such as Jason Lancaster and William Beckett.

PromoImage-1.jpgThe opener of the record is The Haunting and it’s a very good opener for a record. It gives you this dark and fairytale-like feeling throughout the entire song. This feeling keeps you on the tip of your toes through the second one, N.M.E., as well. Off to the third and fourth track on the record: Forever Stuck In Our Youth and Why Worry. Why Worry is my personal favorite and once you heard the song, you’ll get it. It’s a very uptempo song with some high sing-along potential.

Ancient History has a lot of good vibes and you just can’t be sad while listening to this one. Even though the lyrics aren’t always that positive, it has this catchy melody that makes you want to dance around like a crazy person. Followed by Bleak December we get to Duality. Duality is about how everyone has two sides, the side they let people see and the side they hide. With lyrics like “I am good, I am evil. I am solace, I am chaos. I am human, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.” it fits the description perfectly.

And there are the two songs everyone has been waiting for, the ones who feature William Beckett and Jason Lancaster, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing and Tomorrow. I’m not giving too much away about these songs just yet. But yeah, they’re pretty good.

Arriving at the last two songs on the album Bad Guy and Miss Mysterious, we can say that this album takes you on a very cool trip of fun and exciting melodies, sing-along parts and inspiring lyrics. So this is definitely a trip you should take sometime as well!


Set If Off – ‘Duality’
Released : 14 October 2014
Equal Vision Records



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