2015 in review – Albums of the Year #2 : Alex

It’s that time of the year again! 2015 has definitely been a good year for music and once again, we want to share with you our highlights of this eventful year 2015. Here’s the second episode of our Albums of the Year series

10374022_10152592950311148_7720407423402044595_nBlurryface – twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots have taken the concept of genre and thrown it out of the metaphorical window. They’re an “everything” band; proof lies in their newest record, because after experiencing this, you won’t ever need to listen to anything else. A concept album about a character named Blurryface, the Columbus, OH duo explore the darker side to insecurity—but the album is anything but shy and withdrawn. The duo produce a sound more impressive than a whole stadium full of people, and deliver the truth more brazenly and with more style than anyone in the industry. But the best part about this album, and this band, is no one sounds remotely close to them, nor can anyone else even get close to their level. 


12359898_10153157127920780_2012204980355188301_nAmerican Beauty/American Psycho – Fall Out Boy

Can Fall Out Boy do no wrong? Never mind, everyone knows the answer to that. With ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’, the band have yet again proved how they’re the saviours of rock and roll, redefining the definition of “kickass”. But look past the infectious hooks and glorious punk-filled bangers, and you’ve got an album so intricately layered with pop culture references, political statements, and deliciously darker undertones, you could spend thousands of hours trying to find them all. 



11393070_480640138777729_5581981259498146264_nBadlands – Halsey

Halsey has really taken the world by storm this year, and with damn good reason. Her debut album ‘Badlands’ is a whirling hurricane of emotions, fuelled by beautifully insightful tales of the human condition, and rightfully critical commentary of society at large, all wrapped up in some brilliantly composed pop songs. This album will make you want to dye your hair, put on a leather jacket, and stride out into the desert waving a banner to welcome the world to the New Americana; and with Halsey leading the way, the future doesn’t seem so scary.



Albums of the Year #1 : Alma

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