2019 in Review: Albums Of The Year – Part One

 2019 has flown by it seems, and it’s been a very prolific one for music. With so many records out this year, we’ll be sharing with you daily our favorites, throughout the month of December. Those that held a special place in our hearts as individuals and music lovers. The year in review series is now officially launched, with this first installment of ‘Albums of the Year’!

Knocked Loose – A Different Shade Of Blue

Who knew Knocked Loose would release a sophomore album surpassing their debut LP on every level? I had my fair share of doubts but in the end, ‘A Different Shade Of Blue’ goes deeper in the death metal roots of Knocked Loose, being even heavier and darker, while not forgetting their signature hard-hitting breakdowns! – MH

Recommended tracks: A Serpent’s Touch / …And Still I Wander South / Guided By The Moon


La Dispute – PANORAMA

La Dispute
has put out one of the best records of 2019, without any doubt. Not only because of the music but because they’ve created a whole universe on this album. Visuals mixed with soundscapes and lyrics makes is all just so satisfying to experience. I knew I was going to fall deeply in love with the record the second I heard the first note of their single Footstep At The Ponds. So if you have missed it then go check this 2019 masterpiece! – JB

Recommended tracksFootstep at the ponds / Fulton Street II / Rhodonite And Grief

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