2019 in Review: Albums Of The Year – Part Two

 2019 has flown by it seems, and it’s been a very prolific one for music. With so many records out this year, we’ll be sharing with you daily our favorites, throughout the month of December. Those that held a special place in our hearts as individuals and music lovers. The year in review series is now officially launched and here’s the second installment of ‘Albums of the Year’!

John Floreani – SIN

Abandoning his original project’s name Little Brother, John Floreani (also known as Australian rock band Trophy Eyes‘ frontman) has finally released his debut album as a solo artist. Flirting with Trophy Eyes’ sounds at times, and drifting so far away from them at others, this record keeps swinging from melodic “emo” songs to cheerful energetic ballads. But the recipe is quite the same, as Floreani uses his seemingly tormented soul to combine dark lyrics, with haunting soundscapes (Before The Devil Knows I’m dead is a perfect example), ‘Sin’ gets us hooked. The contrasts displayed throughout the record makes it even more powerful. It’s light and heavy, bright but swiftly dark at the same time, poppy but meaningful.
This record has not been listed as my favorite of the year because it was objectively the best record I heard, but surely because it was the one that I kept going back to every week or so since its release. Actually every time I felt the need to feel all the emotions it awakened, again.YF

Recommended tracks : Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead, Echoes, Oh Brother.

Petrol Girls – Cut & Stitch

Something people have been talking about more and more these days is the activist burn-out, which happens when militants get tired of advocating for their cause every waking hour. It doesn’t mean they stop fighting, it just means they need to take some time to take care of themselves and maybe find different, less draining ways to get their point across. It feels like something similar happened with Petrol Girls on their new album ‘Cut & Stitch’.
They offer once again an incredible plea against misogyny, toxic masculinity, xenophobia and patriotism to name a few. They do it with the same anger and it feels just as empowering to the listeners, but they also do it with less screaming coming from frontwoman and songwriter Ren Aldridge. She allowed herself to show more vulnerability on this record, and reveals that her rage doesn’t solely define her, as she sings : “I’m not so tough I’m just good at pretending”.
Let’s be clear though, ‘Cut & Stitch’  is NOT a quiet record, it’s still very intense and powerful, but it’s also has a lot of facets to it, as humanity does. GP

Recommended tracks: Tangle of Lives, Burn, No Love for a Nation


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