Friends of Foes Share New Track, “4Walls”

The days are getting darker, snow is on its way, and it’s time to curl up in front of the fire and stay warm—and we’ve got the perfect track to cure those winter blues. Canada’s Friends of Foes have a new track out today called “4Walls”, which perfectly captures that

EP Review: River Becomes Ocean – December

Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine; maybe it’s the deep roots in punk and rock and roll; but the UK hardcore scene has been killing it lately—and one of the bands you should definitely be watching are River Becomes Ocean. The band from Brighton are aptly named; their EP ‘December’

EP Review: Night Owls – Informaldehyde

Heads up folks, there’s a new band in town for you to get stuck into. Hailing from Leeds, grunge pop duo Night Owls’ debut EP ‘Informaldehyde’ has arrived on the scene with a gritty, in your face sound, featuring a special type of punk attitude you simply can’t find anywhere else

Friends of Foes release new music video for “Monarch”

Our friends in Friends of Foes have released a music video for Monarch, the second single to be taken from their EP 'Faults', which came out on February 12th. Filmed by Morgan Carter, the monochrome video features the band playing live, and it looks like they're having as much fun as you'll

Album Review: Hands Like Houses – Dissonants

We’re not usually the betting type, but we’d put good money on the phrase “well worth the wait” coming out of every single Hands Like Houses fan’s mouth over the next few months. To say this album has been highly anticipated would be an understatement—the buzz around the teaser tracks