Greyson Chance takes Portraits to Europe

2019 is the year of Greyson Chance it seems. Making a fabulous return, with an introspective album called Portraits, the singer and songwriter definitely didn’t rest on his laurels during his break from this whole mess of an industry. Now more at peace with himself, he is ready for a

PUP in Philly – The Falls Apart tour Chapter One

There's a zillion things you could be doing in Philadelphia on a hot September night, like dipping in a fountain or filling your stomach with a monster of a cheesesteak, yet, 2000 people decided to make their way to a converted factory in the outskirts of the city; the famous

ALLUSINLOVE in the City of Love

It’s not every day that bands get to play several times in a row in the same city, especially when the said city is called Paris. Also known as one of the most difficult markets to break. 12233

An enchanting return : Hozier in Paris (Nov. 2018)

We have been waiting for him to return. Three years after his successful self-titled debut album, Hozier has blessed us with a short, yet intense EP, "Nina Cried Power". The release has come like a little something just to help us wait for what’s building up for the near future.