BoyMeetsWorld – Behind ‘Right Where We Belong’ Music video

544484_518444811561254_1224659472_nBoyMeetsWorld have just released a brand new video (we posted it HERE) for the song Right Where We Belong and while they were getting ready to play  Warped Tour Cincinnati, we managed to take some of their time to have them tell us the story behind their music video. Wanna know more details about the idea and fun stories about the shooting? Read this article!

“This video has been an idea of mine since I wrote the song [Craig Sulken] over a year and a half ago, and I’m extremely happy that we finally were able to make it happen – we just wanted to come out with an awesome summer themed video that will make people laugh and appreciate our art even more. The story line might be a little over done, but basically our parents go out of town, and the band decides to throw a huge party even after they specifically said, “No parties”. It’s pretty cool because we actually had our own parents act in the opening scene and be apart of this video – I don’t think a ton of bands would be excited to have their own parents in their music video but we are, haha.

We wanted each member of the band to have their own ‘skit’, whether it be Ryan refereeing a pudding wrestling match, or Brad grilling out with nothing under his apron – just something that would entertain and point out every member before the end of the video, which is the performance of the band.
I don’t know if this is particularly a fun story but the first weekend we had the video shoot scheduled got cancelled from rain, so we had to wait two weekends for me to come back from vacation to reschedule, haha. It ended up for the better though, giving us more time to get everything prepared and made sure we were absolutely ready to get stuff done on the rescheduled date.

One funny part was trying to get our friend Matt to shoot the opening trash can scene, where he looks out to make sure our parents left and that the coast was clear. It was the only big trash can around and we were needing to hurry up and shoot, but had to convince him to take one for the team and get in the can which may have had a few maggots crawling around at the bottom. It was pretty gross, not going to lie. It took about ten minutes for him to get in the can for a shot that took less than a minute to film.
Another funny part was trying to fill up that giant pool with pudding. We bought so many little packs of pudding, four gallons of pre-made pudding and milk and never got to the consistency of real pudding once we mixed it all in the pool. It turned out awesome though but was a big mess to clean up after pudding was thrown around and smacked onto everybody around (thanks Ryan).
Cops also showed up during the day because of loud music, I still don’t know how they didn’t come back at 10:30 that night when we had to film the full band performance.

All and all, this video was a blast to film, and we appreciate all of our friends that came out and helped us shoot this. This was definitely a night I think we’ll all remember for a while.”

– BoyMeetsWorld


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